ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd - ZIM

An Israel-based company operating a network of shipping lines offering cargo transportation services on all major global trade routes.

Been wanting to hop in to this one, massive underinvestment in the sector, aging fleets and not enough shipbuilding to meet international demand will basically keep shipping rates high through at least the end of 2022 when you combine it with consumer demand and port bottlenecks. Most companies in this space, particularly ZIM, are going to generate enough free cash flow to equal their market cap by '22. Hoping we get it soon.

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I’m buying in this week

anyone into get their $2 dividends?

$2 ? 15% ish

Best share in my portfolio. Divided of $17 nice

Why is soo much? If I buy today, do I get divident? When is ex div date?

Ex - Dividend date is Today, which means it’s the first day that if you buy you DO NOT get the dividend.

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Still a great stock moving forward for people that missed this. Should be back up in a week ish to where it finished last night.

So I bought a week ago.

When do I receive the dividend for ZIM?


It’s pays 04/04/22 so add a few days for it to work through the system.


Good info.

When does it normally settle down after the dividend?

I’ve been reading upto 10 days. But I guess there is no sure thing.

No sign yet… Do we think by the end of the week?

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I thought it was supposed to be end of trading today.

Has anyone had there divided today?

It can take a couple of days to work through from the company to you via Freetrade & the nominee. Hold tight

ZIM is the hardest share in the world to read. Lol

75% div, what you guys think?

What do you think?
If you see that number surely all alarm bells must start ringing in your head.

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