Election effect on UK stocks?

What do you think?

If they go down, I’m buying

That’s basically it.

If conservatives win they may go up further but most are predicting a Conservative win so that may already be priced in.

If Labour win or there is a hung parliament I expect stocks to fall

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I just don’t want a hung parliament …and Corbyn to do one lol


That’s your prediction?

You voted?

Solid thoughts

My prediction is that the Conservatives will get a majority parliament. Really there are only two parties in it.

A bit of a hit on Utilities today ( NG, SVT, UU, SSE ) .

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I think you can gain only if you invest before results.

I think it’s still important to vote.

Your vote matters.

If you’re unsure who to vote for there’s a few websites out there that can help.

This I believe to be a good site, not sure if it’s bias in anyway, doesn’t appear to be so!

It’s better to vote and complain about the outcome, rather than not vote and complain about the outcome :wink:


That site you mentioned is really good. Unless you have read every single manifesto and stored it in memory. You dont really know which statement belongs to which party (well you kinda do if you have been reading the news) but nonetheless it gives you a better perspective.

But your vote does matter go and vote!

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