Here’s a topic that should have been discussed. If it has been discussed please send me a link so I could read up on it.

With Brexit around the corner. Who knows how it will effect the £ and our markets. It’s a game changer for everyone from what I can tell. Since I’ve just moved to UK from America I dont know much about Brexit itself so I thought this would be a good place to have opinions be heard. How Brexit will effect the Market, the £ and how we live in general.

if this is posted in the wrong place I apologize in advance haha.


Good old Brexit. Who knows? Depends on what the deal is that is reached. It’s going to be somewhere between total apocalypse and no real change. Exactly where depends on what access to foreign markets and workers is negotiated


It’s ok I have my brexit strategy in place.

I’m going to sell all my holdings, build a bunker and buy lots of tins of baked beans and bottled water. Sit out the oncoming apocalypse and then in 25 years emerge into a brave new world.

(hopefully the zombies will have all gone by then).


If you’re going to live on baked beans for 25 years you will probably need to make sure the bunker has good ventilation :grin:


You’ve just solved my fuel problem!!


Brexit scares me on numerous levels. Even if I was pro brexit I wouldn’t be happy with how it’s going.



how is Brexit going, can anyone tell me. I have no clue where to see what deal has been placed or that’s going to be placed, no news channel is talking about it and when does it go I to effect ? I’m completely in the dark.

I posted this hoping for some real insight but the outcome completely different then I expect from the community.

still funny tho I had a good laugh reading them all.

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The problem is the news don’t know. The U.K. has said what want and the EU have said what they want but they’re wildly different. All the negotiations are secret so whatever reports are coming out are more likely to be speculation. We just have to wait for an official announcement unfortunately.

I live a few miles from the Irish border and even the most ardent leave voters are worried. Cross border trade is the only thing keeping the town going, if that stops then the local economy will collapse. As well as that a lot live on one side of the border and work or go to school on the other. Worrying times

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well that cleared things up for me… this whole stepping out of EU was a mistake if you ask me… there was no reason for it… more problems then solutions and its destroying the pound value…

So let me get this straight… if there is no deal that can be agreed on Brexit will not go through and England will not leave EU during March 2019?

It’s a bit more than England, it’s all the U.K. The deadline can be extended (and I think it has in principle been agreed) but if no agreement is reached then it’s just that the U.K. will leave with no agreements in place about trade etc.

If there’s no deal. We still leave.

The cabinet have agreed a draft deal so we should get more details tonight

Note England != UK

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Here is the agreement. 585 pages. That’s tonight sorted :sweat_smile:


655,000 characters and not a single “€”, “£” or “GBP”. Agreements without such signs just cannot be treated seriously :sweat_smile:


so if there no deal we still leave wtf would happen to all multi national trade companies, migration and immigration, ?? I feel like the £ will become worthless …

I’m going to wait for the BBC to summarise it. Lost the will shortly after the definition of what constitutes a day

(f) “day” means a calendar day, unless otherwise provided in this Agreement or in provisions of Union law made applicable by this Agreement .


Yikes! We will have to pay £39 billion for splitting from the EU according to Jacob Rees-Mogg.