(Emma) #21

Is it written on the side on a bus? If not then I don’t believe him


How dare you confuse Boris with Jacob :joy:

No it’s from

(Chris) #23

All things that should have been in draftform and available to the public before any referendum. No, we just charged ahead and screwed it for the next 30 years.

(Kenny Grant) #24

Wish we could just call the whole thing off. Maybe they’ll rejoin again after a few years of wasted time and money, it would fit well with the black farce of Brexit thus far. I just renewed my passport and will not be surprised if my next one is burgundy too :wink:

In the short term they’d be mad to plunge out without a transition deal whatever they want long term so I expect lots of sound and fury till the leave date, signifying nothing, then a smooth transition leaving us in the long sad limbo of a transition period, after which we can relive the entire sorry farce again with different players.

Also interesting for stocks is if we do see a currency and property crash international stocks would be the best place to be, as we saw during the initial currency crash caused by the vote. There may well be other factors which overshadow Brexit - for example more Trump drama, a US market crash, Putin invades Ukraine etc. so it may be less important than we think long term.

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Dependent on your UK portfolio choices a falling £ should boost your shares - AZN is a fine example.

A typical global tracker ETF such as VWRL only has < 6% UK weighting.

(Alex Sherwood) #26

Here’s a timeline -

(Emma) #27

What stage does the leadership challenge and general election happen?

(Chris) #28

If we did rejoin, it would be on significantly worse terms than we are on now. We get a damned good deal at the moment. Once that’s gone… gutting.

(Emma) #29

Plus the other countries would have to agree and I can’t see that happening

(Kenny Grant) #30

Sorry wasn’t really clear there - I meant international companies, many of which are listed in London.

(Alex Sherwood) #31


Is this why U.K. markets are down? Does a cheaper pound correlate with rising market value? (and vice verse)


Generally speaking, for UK listed companies that earn a large portion (most of the FTSE 100) of their revenue overseas a cheap pound will often have a positive impact on their share price and vice versa.


Cheers for the insight :+1:


“If we did rejoin, it would be on significantly worse terms than we are on now. We get a damned good deal at the moment. Once that’s gone… gutting.”

This is the worst bit. I could genuinely see us rejoining in future, once the ‘millenials’ get into power in a few generations. Age was a huge dividing line in the vote - younger people leaning towards voting remain compared with older people swaying towards leave. But even with that, we wouldn’t get the concessions we have now and that’s unfortunate for us all.

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(Alex Sherwood) #37 what?

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Probably scissors, paper, stone to decide

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Government no-confidence vote will take place tomorrow. If such a motion is agreed to, and a new government with the support of a majority of MPs cannot be formed within a period of 14 calendar days, Parliament is dissolved and an early General Election is triggered under the terms of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011.

Interestingly, this is the heaviest defeat of the government in Parliament in modern British history.


The gap between 1st and 2nd is huge.

In other news