21 stocks that could tank if Labour win an election (CityAM)

Fairly interesting piece here in CityAM. Anyone have any of these? Are you worried?


Bit like in the US if a democrat gets elected. Trump needs to be elected again to keep the bullish ride going.

I only own Lloyds out of the list. They better not touch Lloyds :joy: I realise the market as a whole will drop but I hope they don’t touch it directly

I hope they nationalise everything. I don’t care about the impact on my shares.


@tbutz Each to their own I suppose. Even the banks? That’s a detrimental approach in my opinion government anything is terrible. No accountability, no competitor. You can complain all you want when it happens but there is no alternative thus no accountability. You’ll have to take what you’re given


I see it more a case of things like utilities and services no longer have to generate profit for shareholders so can instead be focused on doing what they do.

I don’t see Labour nationalising banks, no. Only the essential infrastructure and services “for the greater good” (to borrow a phrase from Hot Fuzz).


Or get run down into oblivion when the Tories inevitably get back in.


A useful article. Get the shorts ready if Labour do get in.

What’s the thinking on banks like Lloyds? Is that on Labour’s nationalisation list?

I would disagree with that - see the work of Mariana Mazzucato among others.

I think the fundamental question here is how we make the economy accountable to us. I think both increasing shareholder activism, greater levels of direct participation and public operation of natural monopolies is the correct direction to head towards. Increasing the democracy of our economic institutions should always be the goal.


I have a few of those stocks… Can we have another article to show which stocks will pop when the Lib Dems win the election :sweat_smile:


Let’s not to dive into fantasy. :wink:


I don’t agree with that, the NHS might not be perfect but compared to the US system with Competition it’s fantastic.

Also privatisation ruined public transport in this country, we’re paying for that now in terms of congestion, traffic pollution etc.

To be honest even if Labour get in I don’t think they’ll have enough of a majority to get a lot of their policies done. so I’m not that worried about the 3 stock on that list I hold

These articles always focus on what it will cost. they never mention that these companies generate billions in revenue which would be going into the treasury going forward


I absolutely agree with the train case. The UK has the worst train system in the EU, because they privatised it.
The NHS example is different. We should stop comparing ourself with the US. Their system is broken in its entirety. We should compare to other state-run european countries, where we could learn a lot about efficiency.

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Not just trains, Bus services as well if you live in an even slightly rural area

We’ve just had to go private for surgery here in the UK and can confirm it’s as broken (and exploitative), as the US . The NHS refuses to operate on my partner as they say it is now cosmetic (huge solid lumps on the inside of the eyelid).

£1275 for a less then 30 mins surgery and straight out of the door. No aftercare. That doesn’t even include the consultatation fee. It’s literally a joke.

Only fair to point out a number of these shares have already performed poorly in the last few years irrespective of the hue of the government ( eg Capita, BT, Royal Mail )


I also noticed Centrica isn’t on that list and probably should be, although hopefully it won’t tank any further!


250 stocks that could tank if the Conservatives win an election and pursue a no-deal brexit


Ye the NHS is a great thing. Probably the best government entity ever ran. You seem a lot more accountable over there. The shower of losers that we are stuck with is pathetic. I’m so anti government because of my experiences here in Ireland

A lot of people here seem to be advocating for nearly communism. To quote not my favourite person at all,

image https://i.pinimg.com/originals/30/e4/19/30e41980918a839c4f6142cc4134c6f1.png


I think you’ll find that “real socialism has never been tried”… they have short memories.


WHSmith isn’t dead :o