EnLink Midstream LLC ENLC

This energy company is involved in natural gas gathering, treating, processing, transmission, distribution, supply and crude oil marketing.

Hi Team at Freetrade, is there anyway you would consider not putting this company behind a paywall! - this is slowly becoming the backbone of my portfolio.
Many thanks.

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Hey @BigBet273

Changes don’t come into effect until October so you have time to decide what to do. While only you can decide on what’s right for you and your portfolio £5 for a huge universe of stocks AND an ISA is still pretty good value. You’ll still be able to hold your position but not add to it.

The ISA will protect you from any nasty tax filling or payments when your investment starts to take off (assuming it will otherwise you would hold it). You’ll also be able to put in place a limit order so protect yourself or make the most of a short-term rise.

I’m not connected with :freetrade: formally but these plans have been worked on closely for 6months+ so they’ll not be likely to change.

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