ETF Dividend Payments

Good evening. I have recently noticed that all (as far as I can see) the ETF dividend yields on the HL app are reading as 0%. This never used to be the case - yields were (approximately) equal to that quote on FT.

My question is: does this mean ETF ‘dividends’ are not paid as dividends? i.e. could they be paid as income? And would this mean that dividends received from ETFs in a GIA would be taxable as income, rather than a dividend payment?

Hope that makes sense! Many thanks.

Etf payments are dividends, NOT income. You don’t have to declare it.

Ah ok, many thanks. So equities ETFs pay dividends, so to say. But am I right in saying that bond ETF payments are taxable as income? I’ve been searching the web for an answer but nothing definitive (!)