Etfs and pension

Best etfs to put my pension into ?

Hi @Leeawill20

You’ll not find anyone on here giving investing recommendations I’m afraid.

If you want some threads and things to research this might help -

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I wish @Cameron thread about ETFs would come up top when you search ETF as it is a really good thread for those interested. :+1: Last time I posted for someone something about ETFs I couldn’t find it :cry:


I’m sitting down and buying my pension funds later and I’ve used @Cameron’s thread as my starting point. It has been a fantastic entry point.


All very helpful just curious do america have things similar to etfs i have my money running in the UK market but would be nice to have it working in the US market

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US ETF’s do exist, however they are (usually) not compliant with UK (and EU) regulations.

You usually need to either find the UK compliant version (if the company offers one), or find one as close to the one you want.

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The self invested ETF market in the US is many times bigger than in the UK bit a lot of this is because they have a culture of investing.

If what you’re looking for is exposure to non UK stocks ie US one’s you have options. You an track S&P500 / Nasdaq / North America (includes Canada and Mexico).

You could just of global and by VWRL which is global and is a great starting point.

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NASDAQ is very good


Not to be confused with NASDAQ tracker though. I hold both :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


What I don’t understand is if you invested directly over the last year with NASDAQ 100 the return was over 60%,but over the same period with a NASDAQ tracker it’s only about 30% return. Is this due to charges?

Nasdaq Inc is the actual ‘stock exchange’ your investing in. It’s the company that ‘holds/lists’ the Nasdaq 100.

Think of it as buying a share in the LSE …London Stock Exchange… but not actual stocks.

The NASDAQ 100 is tracking the 100 technology stocks…

So Nasdaq Inc is 1 stock
Nasdaq 100 is tracking 100 stocks

Nasdaq Inc is a great investment in its own right…I have more Nasdaq Inc than Nasdaq 100 tracker.

Maybe someone can explain that better :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your explanation. Makes things a lot clearer

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This has been great, i’m currently starting out with my own SIPP and ISA, so i’ve been looking into the best things to invest it long term. Will give the above links a read, thanks