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Eurasia’s off again this morning!

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RNS expected at some point today…tomorrow could be exciting.


Up 77% buy more, hold or sell?

I’m holding long term.


I will hold! Still lots of potential price growth.

I sold out and re invested to get more shares, I’m back up +9.92% in one day!

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I’m trying to hold more cash in my portfolio.
Eurasia keeps stealing it.

It’s just knowing when to take your profits ? I only have a small amount a couple of hundred. I’m up 80%. I’m sure it will come crashing down in due course.

It’s up to you to put a value on what they’ve found. The analysts think Montechundra has a haul of between 1 & 2 billion in assets, but they could be wrong.

PGM prices are still climbing but they’re unsustainably high at the moment.

:diving_mask: Deep Dive :soon: :diving_mask:


Up 19% this morning

Wishing it wasn’t a stock I put spare change into tbh :joy:


Me too, it’s now my first 100% gain stock :joy:


RNS should be next week…

:diving_mask: before (hopefully!)

I have 1638 shares currently I’m going to get that up to at least 2500 - 2600 and hold. I think this company will only go up to where I don’t know though

How about now :wink:


Currently being discussed on the deep dive thread

Thank you

Sorry, am I being daft, but the thread says that the stock is [ON], yet I can’t find it in the app. Been a long day…! :thinking:

Suspended today.