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Ta! At least I am not going crazy then. :joy:

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I nearly invested in them. Not sure what to make of the suspension. I normally thought that was bad news. Thoughts?


Sounds like they’re getting a slap on the wrists.

I was same, I was thinking and thinking and waiting then this happened and thought, nah you know what, i’ll let this one slide. Got enough in other mining companies atm, bit of FOMO think it was.

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Do you know why they are still closed? Do you know if the price will drop a lot? I invested just 100£ (1% of my portfolio).

The short version is that their shares are suspended pending clarification of their relationship with another company (possibly a buy out or partnership of some sort).

Can’t really say what will happen but if it’s a positive announcement then it will hopefully rise, if it’s something else then it’s anybody’s guess.

I think due to Covid the time they are allowed to stay suspended has been increased and has likely impacted the speed in which these matters are normally resolved.

Personally I’m feeling positive about it at the moment

The company released their annual report today. One key bit that stuck out for me as potential good news was:

“The Company’s aim is to deliver value to its shareholders by leveraging the significant experience of its Directors and management team to advance our licences. The Board remains focused on maximising shareholder value, and, after receiving approaches from multiple parties interested in acquiring Company’s assets, has decided that launching a formal sale process under the Takeover Code is in the best interests of shareholders, which could result in a sale of assets or the Company. The Company will work with UBS and its other advisers to execute this process.”


It’s open to offers re take over! There’s been a few expressions of interest too.


Only 0.1p per share? Interesting, I only had 100£ on it.

That’s not an offer price per share. Shares are given a small nominal value for account purposes which isn’t relevant to the save price.

In the meantime will it continue “frozen” or will it trade again?

Would be interesting to see the price fluctuations if they did return from suspension before accepting an offer, I’m happy either way and in it till the end

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News? Don’t be scared of speculation, tell what you really think.

There’s just been an rns, trading starts again today and is likely to shoot up


Managed to sneak in a small buy to top up at 8.01am so fingers crossed!

Yay on the go again :rocket: I go a small top up too pity it’s taken my average to 11p.

The price in freetrade is a bit dated?! Did the price updates get turned off manually for it as it was suspended

I’m guessing something needs switching on at FT ? Then the price and graph will refresh. @Freetrade_Team @Viktor

the graph is still flat (1D)

It’s been switched back on should refresh in 30min or sooner :grinning::+1:t3: