European Metal Holdings (EMH)

With the electric vehicle revolution upon us, and the need for batteries to power these vehicles, I’d like to see more lithium / nickel / energy storage stocks to invest in. 1 stock I’m currently invested in with H+L but would like to move over to here is a Lithium miner on the AIM markets called Bacanora Lithium (BCN) Another Lithium explorer in Europe is called European Metal Holdings (EMH) Thanks in advance

Hey @Investor1, welcome to the community! :wave:

Since you have already suggested BCN, I will rename this request to EMH to avoid confusion between the two. If you would like to suggest any more stocks, feel free to create separate topics for each of them :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks Vlad for the welcome and not a problem. I can see it makes sense so thanks for the input :+1:t2:

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@Investor1 You can vote for Albemarle the #1 producer of lithium in the world below. They’ve their hands in a couple of pies (chemicals). They were also made a Dividend Aristocrat earlier in the year. This is a big one I want to see on FT

disclosure: Investor in ALB

Edit: Don’t mean to be pushing ALB just noticed you requesting a lot of lithium stocks


Hi Shane, just voted :+1:t2: