Execution-Only Stockbroking in the Digital Age with Adam Dodds CEO Freetrade 📻

This is one very clear trend for us, something the media hasn’t really reported on.

Crypto has made a lot of young people switched on and money aware.

I’ve been getting emails from various, sometimes very young community members who bought cryptos, made money (or more often, didn’t), and they became interested in other investments like stocks or property.

Now, from a technical point of view, you are probably right that cryptos are “different and detached from traditional investments” (although I’d argue it), but the idea is the same - you put your money into something, and ideally you end up with more money. Let’s be honest, manic investment drove the bubble, not genuine real-life adoption.

For most people, investing is not isolated to one thing. If might start in one asset class, and they become open to others.

I’m an investor, and one of my favourite threads here is investing in whisky. I started my investing with ETFs, so they were the “entry point”.

Hopefully this makes sense!