Investing in whisky

I’m pretty sure I can make all kinds of predictions with those spirits in me!!

I actually bought some Mannochmore 1974 and hibiki 17 a number of years ago and they have both risen nicely in value.


Ooh @saf that raises an interesting question … in future will Freetrade allow trading directly in alternative markets, commodities etc.?


Holy moly, so just out of curiosity thought I would check out my Hibiki whisky, I bought a single bottle for £63 (wish I had bought more? damn right!) about 5 years ago I think.


@stephen This is exceptional. :clap: I’m unfamiliar with the space, so two questions:

  1. How did you pick this particular whisky?
  2. Do you have to store it at a certain temperature?

@tommy will like this.


@Justin Parfait :clap:

@stephen I think we need a Hibiki ETF!


So long story, i was in Edinburgh many years ago (back when my wife was just “me bird”) and we ended up in a whisky shop, as you do in Edinburgh. I saw a Mannochmore distilled in the year i was born so i bought it as a gift to myself.

Fast forward a few years and i found me bottle of Mannochmore nicely stored in its hidey hole and thought “hmmm maybe i could start collecting whisky as i like it and the bottles are pretty”.

So i happen to come across an article on interweb about Japanese whisky and my instinct kicked in and i thought “i bet these will do well” (maybe the sprits speaking to me). So i bought the Hibiki 17 as i wanted a decent age and it was in my price range at that time. I stored it and never opened it. I later found out it is featured in the film Lost in Translation, cool.

How to store whisky. Well whisky is a much more forgiving mistress than wine but very similar principles: somewhere cool and dry, keep it free from vibrations and most important of all - it doesn’t have to be cold (though try to keep below 20 degrees) but the temperature must stay CONSTANT. Now wine is more fickle and so whisky will let you get away with more. Also store it upright, i believe the alcohol content damages the cork,


They better based on your success.


I think this would have been an awesome ETF 5 years ago - I’ve not checked out the Japanese whisky for a while but to be fair i think they do really well and i am tempted to get back into it.

An ETF would be so much easier to store than 100 bottles in my cupboard.


This as a investment strategy :joy:


:sunglasses: That’s how i operate …


Big whisky fan too and yes whisky has been crazy investment/inflated good over the last few years.

Story of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon is remarkable too


Oxygen and light are the big pressures on spirits. Temperature has an impact but nowhere near the same. Many whiskies and rums are aged at very high temps in America and the Caribbean for years. In fact that’s part of why they mature faster than whisky in Scotland.

Im going to try hard not to be a complete know-it-all on this subject - apologies if failing! Delighted we have whisky fandom in the forum.


Yes you are correct, i forgot to mention the light. I keep all my wine/whisky in almost complete darkness.

The temperature is much more for wine, it lets the wine age better, wild temperature swings are not good (people don’t store good wine for long periods in your kitchen or god forbid - the garage! (unless an awesome insulated wine dedicated garage))

I went so far as to sit and pass my WSET level 1 and 2 certification, i want to do level 3 some day. - been a while now though, probably need to refresh myself.

Awesome! I feel like we split off a whisky investment thread

Do it, you know you want to!

Let’s do it! It’s funny how far we got from Revolut though. :clinking_glasses:

EDIT: Done.


Do it! I vote we should have a Freetrade Whiskey Appreciation Night to celebrate the launch of the app.

Note: this would be separate from the launch party! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe i will even crack out the bottle when we IPO/etc.


Nooooooo! They have just announced a Spirits Fund :unicorn: As we were.

Edit meanwhile Monzo and Starling have opened up their marketplaces for all types of Spirits… wait… dude isn’t that just ecommerce?!? :rofl: