Exit Fees

Hargreaves Lansdown investors can leave for free as it drops exit fees


About time. Exit fees should be something of the past - penalising people for leaving is bad business practice.


It’s good timing to do it before it’s forced to do it by the regulator. It means better publicity. To some extent it’s just less faff for customers rather than saving money. Competitors like Fidelity regularly offered to pay your exit fees.

Maybe I’ll consider moving my SIPP now.


I wonder why they’re urging other providers… jokers HL

Is this effective immediately?

I have a VERY small ISA with them and was put off from transferring to Freetrade because of the extortionate fees

Hopefully this means I can transfer now without paying £


We’ve removed a number of administration charges to make our service easier for you.

You no longer pay to:

  • Sell funds to cover charges
  • Reinvest fund income
  • Withdraw share certificates
  • Close your account
  • Transfer your holdings internally or externally

For clients in Capped Drawdown, where their income is restricted by Government Actuary Department (GAD) limits, we’ve also removed our recalculation fee of £75 +VAT.

We value your feedback, so please get in touch at app@hl.co.uk.

It’s a shame that none of the stories mention freetrade.

Try making more noise to the press, prepare a statement for when the next broker drops their fees. Don’t congratulate them, hammer them for fleecing their users for so long, be militant about it.