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This company is a software business that develops an expense management system for personal and business use. Expensify also operates a venture capital arm known as Expensify Ventures.

I’ve been using their app for years, it’s great.

Try to buy shares on freetrade but the order is rejected.

It’s IPO day / launch day. This can be a very tricky time for orders the execute. It’s basically a lack of liquidity. :freetrade: wont execute your order if the price you are offered is too far from the ‘live’ price.

Your options are to keep trying throughout the day or hold off for a few days and see how it settles down.

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Hi @Dm77 did you managed to get an order exectuted in the end?

Yes, it took 3 or 4 attempts.

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Good stuff! IPO day is a really tricky time. Hope it’s a good buy in the long run :ok_hand:t2:

Share anytime you see exciting as you read around it, it really helps other when they’re tracking it.

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