Faster/instant fund withdrawal

With instant top up, are there any plans to make funds withdrawal faster?

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That’s odd I got a message saying this idea is completed but last I knew transfers out still took a longer time :joy:

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Ah ok, I had seen that but was viewing “plans” and “like to at some point” as very different answers :joy: but that is probably me just being anal :man_facepalming:

I think that’s for SEPA (EUR) transfers but I assume it will be the same for GBP (BACS)?

Not having fast withdrawal is really hurting liquidity a lot :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

I need the money urgently, and I had to wait for 3 days for funds to clear (understand that this is mandatory) but still I need to wait up to 5 more days for withdrawal to arrive to my bank, it can be almost a couple of weeks if you account for weekends, which is extremely frustrating.

Pleaaaaaaasse do something about it soon.

Many thanks

I have a similar problem in withdrawals from L&G - advising around 8-10 days including 4 days for BACS transfer

I think I said this on another similar topic. I understand people’s circumstances can change rapidly however people should not need to rely on their investments if money is required urgently. It’s widely recommended in Personal Finance that one should build an emergency easy access fund before they start pumping money into the markets. I’m all for faster withdrawals but would rather see other features worked on.


I am inclined to disagree with you on this one, I think stock market investment should be very liquid, I understand your argument if we are talking about investing in private companies (like Freetrade itself, which I have done) but stock market should be relatively liquid and easy to access your investment. Actually, this is one of the main things the regulations aim to protect.

It is not the end if the works, but really annoying.

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