Fastned BV - FASTa

This Dutch company owns and operates a network of EV charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Belgium and Switzerland. It was founded in 2012.

1 June 2022 - Fastned Ramac Way in the London Borough of Greenwich is Fastned’s 11th station in the UK and its first in London.

Thanks @Rajan07 for merging, I tried to find the Fastned share chat before posting but it didn’t come up in my search results!

Excited to track the company’s progress and find out if others have any useful insights

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Can I hold this in an ISA?

Which is weird as other brokers won’t let me purchase it within an ISA :person_shrugging:

Which broker?

ii allow it.

There’s a possibilioty it should be ISA ineligible, see:

This bit:
At Fastned we have certified our shares. This means that the foundation (FAST) owns all shares of Fastned B.V… For every one share the foundation owns, it has issued one Depositary Receipt. These Depositary Receipts are owned by the founders of the company and all investors in the company.

May want to contact support for clarification of this.

Agreed. As a Depository Receipt it requires an identifiable Owner supporting the ADR/GDR. This Owner/Parent Company itself needs to be ISA’able for the ADR/GDR to be ISA’able. So the question is: Where is FAST’s ‘Owner’ Listed? If it can not be determined then the safest bet is this is not ISA’able, sorry.

I contacted support to query this. It cannot be held in an ISA. It has now been changed in-app.


Great spot @JimmyJ

I wonder what other stocks are incorrect?

Bit scary.