☑[Feature Request 🔧] Autopilot 🤖 (Automatic investment)

Post fractionals this would be top class. Very much like what M1 Finance have in the US

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Exactly what i am thinking, M1 finance seems to be really reliable for US

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M1 finance is awesome

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I really like the look of M1 too

With DRIP, I would like any dividends received from a stock to automatically invest that back into shares of that stock.

E.g. If I receive £0.53 of dividends from Coke, I want those funds to auto use all of that money to buy Coke shares (requires fractional shares). I’m not sure if this feature will be included.

That’s what drip does.

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Oh right, thought you’d just have to select one security and it all goes into that. Nice

This should also make it easier to see which investments are performing well. At the moment stocks that pay dividends don’t look as good in my portfolio, obviously because there’s no automatic way to show the real return (growth + dividends).

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M1 have a cooler way of doing it (imo).

You set desired weights of each part of your protfolio and M1 automatically invests dividends (and deposits iirc) to keep everything at those weights.


This is a way better method, because you maybe want to invest in a different stock than the one that payed you.

I have a question about DRIPs. If I get dividends from multiple investments, would it be possible to set up a DRIP so that all my dividends from each investment is reinvested in just one company? Or can dividends only be automatically reinvested in the company that has paid them?

Question: Robinhood’s company started in 2013 and has released dividend re-investing in 2020, 7 years later. How far ahead can this immensely useful feature be implemented onto Freetrade?


@Rob Can FreeTrade confirm if DRIP has made it on the roadmap yet, and if so, what that beholds in terms of launch date?

How is it prospectively going to work?..like M1 per @anon810895 commented (weighted), only reinvest in payout company, or option to do both.



Any update for a DRIP feature or Allow to create Pies like on 212 now?


I am eagerly waiting for this feature any ideas how far its on the road map

Hi :wave:

You can track our roadmap here: Stock trading (zero commission) & investment app | Freetrade

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The road map needs an update @RenataL, still says freetrade plus launching in the summer but there’s a more recent update to say it’s launching in the autumn

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The fact this isn’t on the roadmap is incredibly worrying.


Recently freetrade are choosing to ignore certain questions such as regarding to drip But are quick to answer smaller questions in other topics


Hello Freetrade,

I couldn’t see another topic on this subject so i’m creating a new one, sorry if there’s already an existing thread for this.

It would be awesome we could get automatic dividend reinvestment on the shame shares that paid out the dividend. I’m currently using HL as my broker and i love Freetrade and want to move my whole portfolio over, but have resisted because I don’t want to do this manually for now.

Not sure if you have this on your roadmap but once it’s in i’m moving everything over!

Keep up the great work!

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This is a great idea that I’m sure has been mentioned before, however the new £2 minimum investment rule pretty much kills this idea for a lot of stocks unless you have lots of shares at a good yeild.

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