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I’d like to see the estimated/historic dividend yield for funds/stocks somewhere. I was looking at the below ETF but this isn’t shown in the KID or even on Morningstar, I eventually found it was 3.6% on the vanguard website. It’s pretty useful to know for a dividend ETF!

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I think this gets into the whole area of how much a stockbroker execution platform should offer.

In investing, you don’t normally use your broker platform as an information/decision source. All the information you could ever want on each stock is available from Google Finance/Yahoo Finance and many other sources.

“Does a stock pay divs” is really only part of a much larger question, such as what is the div history, what is that as a yield percentage, are there any warnings about future divs, is the company doing buybacks instead. Then once you have this information, you’d presumably want to sort your shortlist into div yield order. Then of course you have to factor in growth, there are many stocks which pay high yields but are falling in price.

For all this you need a screener (there are many free and cheap ones out there), and we are really getting outside the purview of what a broker does.


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Overall I really enjoy using the Freetrade app, however there are some feature I’d like to see which could make this the killer stock trading app:

  • Display If Dividend Present for each stock and if so, the history of dividend payments and an average percentage (similar to Hargreaves)

  • Ability to automatically re-invest dividends into a chosen stock

Keep up the great work!


Welcome Will! Great requests.

For your 2nd request, you can add your vote here: ☑[Feature Request 🔧] Autopilot 🤖 (Automatic investment)

For you 1st request, could you perhaps show some screenshots of HL Display so we can get a visual of what you envision for Freetrade?


Thanks for the reply.

HL gives a percentage but not history of payments unfortunately.

Would like to see £/$ amount per share on average as well as % Roi.


Hey Will, welcome to the forum :wave:

I’ve merged your first suggestion to a very similar one, see the conversation above.

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DeGiro have a great indicator below the Portfolio. Dividends appear in this section once they go Ex-Div and dissapear when they are paid and then are found in “Transactions”. It shows the dividend as well as the dividend tax. Shows the value of the currency it’s held in and then Euros as that’s the default currency for me


I saw this and really couldn’t be bothered to retake the screenshot :joy:

Thanks for following up :wink:


Hi, does anyone know when the cash balance is updated in relation to the notification/email. At the same time? Before? Or after? I checked my cash balance at 17:30 yesterday after a couple of basic orders completed. It was £6.30. At 19:30 I received a notification of a BP shares dividend payment of £1.25(start small…). I rechecked my cash balance and it was/is still £6.30. I’m not sure if the dividend was paid before 17:30; or, if it should be paid afterwards, Then I haven’t received it yet. This happened earlier in the week for a Coca Cola dividend and I was told by the really helpful customer support that it was a “sync issue”. He performed a manual sync and the balance was immediately updated. Now though, I’m not sure if has been added in or not. I suppose I could go over all the transactions to work it out but for £1.25…

I don’t want to needlessly bother support. I just can’t be sure it has been paid.

Ps, it is in the activity log(no time stamp so not sure when). Is this confirmation of it actually being paid to the cash balance? Thanks. Hope this isn’t too garbled…


I agree that this is an issue. Without meticulously tracking all payments and cash amounts we can not be sure they’re actually being paid. I have done this checking since dividends in the activity feed were introduced and it was always correct. But a balance of prior/ after needs to be included, otherwise people will not fully trust freetrade.

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That sounds like a good idea. I’m sure the dividends and cash balance are right(even if there is a delay for synchronisation), I’d just feel more comfortable if I could easily track it.

Update. Customer support have confirmed that the dividend had in fact been included in the balance of £6.30. Can’t fault customer support. Always very helpful. Can we assume if it appears in the activity list then, that it has been added to the cash balance?

Not sure if it has been mentioned, but I would like more flexibility on how we view our portfolio as opposed to just largest invesment first.

Custom view option could include being able to drag and drop investments next to eachother and being able to compartmentalise with a file or a visual bar with a title i.e. growth, dividend, tech, average up, average down etc etc. This would help people who for example may want to use multiple investment strategies in their ISA but split their view


Where in the app can I see the dividend payouts?

In the ‘Activity’ feed

Thanks, and how can I tell which shares offer dividends. Are these paid on a monthly or annual basis?

It depends on the company. Usually, you will find companies paying dividends monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Take a look at these threads

For more threads on dividends:

  1. click the search button;
  2. type “dividends”;
  3. press enter;

If you want to know if a specific company pays dividends, you can always ask your search engine of choice, or search in Yahoo finance, or visit the company’s website.

It implies homework.

Hope this helps.

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I’d use the Finki api and pull it into google sheets