[Feature Request 🔧] In app ADR explanation

With the situation around the Alibaba ADR and the ethos of transparency at the heart of all :freetrade: do I think this would beneficial.

Investing + Education = Investucation TM

Thanks @NeilB or the suggestion, we’re looking into it :slight_smile:

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Looking into Investucation because I declare trademark!!!

Please let us know @DanLane is okay,

There are rumours that @sampoullain & @nickfell have barricaded him in the curiosity room with bean bags and Peruvian rugs. He’s not allowed out until he writes a last minute weekend read on the history of ADR’s.

@DanLane if you’re okay reply with a🦙

So how does a US ADR differ from a UK CDI.

For the record I hold CDIs. £BNC, £CCH and £PLUS.

How does the ADR structure differ?