[Feature Request 🔧] Internal GIA to ISA transfers (Bed and ISA)

From my experience doing this by hand is quicker than anything platform mediated.

I.e. it takes many days more to complete platform assisted “bed & ISA”, versus doing it yourself.

Usually it would be quicker to use support but the backlog is still causing delays of around a week. Is it too late to DIY?

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I don’t think so. Finds still show up as withdrawable so if no sign of progress I’ll just do that instead and should then get them on Monday at least.

At present the quickest way to do this providing you have the funds is to sell in your GIA then immediately deposit the exact amount into your ISA and hope you’re lucky with deposit times and re-buy. Then just withdraw the money from your GIA to your bank once it settles. This is all providing you have enough liquidated cash to fund this from your bank and wait to receive the money from your GIA.

Even quicker would be deposit the approximate amount you expect to get from the sell to the ISA BEFORE you sell so that you can do it within a few minutes of each other. You just wouldn’t be using the exact same amount of money as your sale would probably be off by a few pounds due to price movements.

Unless FT allows you to use this feature and re-buy in the ISA even though the funds haven’t settled then it will always be quicker to do it manually, obviously providing you have enough cash to fund it. I think FT would need to have its own abundance of cash assets to carry this feature out as they would basically be funding your stock buying in your ISA with their own cash as the money from your sell orders has not yet settled.

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Thanks - good to know. This is the first to I’ve had gains big enough that I need to worry about it so the whole concept of bed and ISA is new to me. I think I’m future I’ll try and get enough cash together to prefund the ISA before selling.

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Thanks. Great advice. I’ll definitely do it that way in future. Didn’t have enough cash available this time but could have done with a bit of planning. Still think quicker switching of funds between accounts is a much needed improvement though!

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Oh for sure it should be a lot easier/quicker within the app and we shouldn’t have to do it manually for a quicker result. Being out of the market for days could have a fairly large impact depending on how the market decides to move.

Great feature, hope it will be implemented!

Hi all, can i transfer my FT GIA shares to an FT ISA, or do i need to sell/buy

Many Thanks

You cant generally transfer shares from a GIA into an ISA. You have to sell them, transfer the cash, and re-buy the shares. The only exception to this i believe is employee held shares in specific employee share schemes.

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Thank you

Freetade can transfer the cash into the ISA for you. You might see that mentioned in other replies here. You can also withdraw the cash and deposit it into your ISA youself if you prefer.

In the future we might see that automated, but not at the moment.

Keep in mind, when selling your assets in your GIA you will need to consider tax implications. For most people with a small number of shares this wont meet any tax threshold

Need a feature to transfer between your accounts ISA to General and vice versa. It solves the hassle of withdrawing the money manually and adding to your accounts or asking the customer service to move the funds.

This helps to sell and buy the same stock on different accounts without risking the currently traded price. It comes really useful during the start of the new fiscal year to fill your new available ISA pots immediately by selling your general investment account.

This feature is already available in some of the other trading platforms like Trading 212.

Hope this gets added to your prioritised list.

Is this what you mean:

yes @hrochfor1 something similar without calling them, you can sell and transfer from General to ISA via your app

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I think is one feature that would be so helpful and practical!

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Would mean people are more likely to open an ISA as well

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I’m completely with this request, I have been manually ‘Bedding and ISA’ for the last few weeks by selling in the basic account and immediately buying in the ISA account but then having to wait up to 5 days for the money to end up in my bank account just to transfer it back into the ISA account so that I could repeat the same process! I didn’t even realise you could contact support to do this.


I all i updated my account from GIA to ISA account 4 days ago.

On the app still only showing that i only have GIA account, how long dose it take for isa to be added? Or does the isa take over the GIA acount?

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You’ll have both GIA & ISA.

I opened mine 2+ years ago but I thought it was pretty much instant. Might be worth reaching out to support if it doesn’t appear tomorrow