☑ [Feature Request 🔧] ISA - Individual Savings Account

I’m also holding out for the Android + ISA, but if ISA’s come a long way after the Android app then I might go for a GIA to start. If you do invest within a GIA but stay within the 10k CGT and 2k Dividend allowance, do you have to do any tax stuff for HMRC? I really don’t want to have to do self assessment.

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As ever depends… Not for those two income thresholds alone, but other factors may hook you in ( Child Benefit with 50k+ salary for example )

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I do agree here, it does sound like the best plan. I mean at least for it to be a goal but if it does not work by then…

Hmm, thanks for the think. I think I should be OK then just with a GIA.

@anon2636484 Just in case, does the app include tax information if I do end up going over the limits? Or do I have to keep track of my investments to know how much tax I owe?

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He is now @Freetrade_Team1 :slight_smile:


Thanks Vlad, sorry for the confusion Gareth.

We give you all of the information you need but you’ll need to keep track of how close to this limits you are at the moment - obviously once we offer ISAs (& SIPPs), that’ll make life a lot more simple for you :soon:


Ok thanks @Freetrade_Team1 , how long do you estimate before you’ll be able to issue an updated road map with timelines for Android and ISAs? As others have said, knowing if it will be before the next tax year will be super useful.
Cheers also @Vlad

@Freetrade_Team1 @Viktor Out of interest what’s the main blocker to Freetrade offering an ISA?

There isn’t a blocker per se, Freetrade has already been approved by HMRC to offer ISA’s: We are approved to provide ISAs
I believe they currently want to focus on getting the App release, then they’ll switch their focus.


Main blocker? We are a super small team! I’m very proud of what we shipped with basically a handful of people.

Our team is growing quite quickly though. :point_down:

If you’re an engineer, product designer, or customer ops expert, there’s never been a better time to join: https://freetrade.io/jobs

As @Gaz92 says, HMRC approved us to provide ISAs. And we definitely plan to have ISA as soon as possible.

Open roadmap is coming soon. :+1:


I have a cash ISA with Skipton. You can have a stocks & shares alongside can’t you?

I’m only just getting into saving and making my money work for me at 30 :see_no_evil:

Lived paycheck to paycheck before now.


That is absolutely the case! You do not even need to have the same provider for that :smiley_cat:



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Now this looks rather nice :heart_eyes:


That looks fantastic


So, the news is out :eyes: Guess it won’t be too surprising to all you well-informed folks here :joy:


Looking forward to it!
Probably a silly question but if I use the stocks & shares ISA, is the £11,700 capital gains tax allowance no longer allowed or can you have the ISA & the allowance? I’m guessing its just one or the other? :grin:

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  • If you haven’t contributed to a stocks and shares ISA this tax year, you can open one with Freetrade as soon as they’re available.

To me it sounds like “it will definitely be available before 05.04.2019” :eyes:

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Your allowance sits apart from your ISA, so you can have a tax-wrapped ISA and have your allowance too.


I’m very happy to be closing this topic, here’s the news about ISAs :smile: