ISA for the new year or Free account?

Hi all,

Looking for some advice…

I’m wondering if it would make sense before the new financial year to move my free account funds to the Freetrade ISA (maxing it out) and then through the next financial year I have the allowance free to contribute to it or to continue adding to the free account - but having the option there to add to the 2019 maxed ISA.

Or would it make more sense to keep using the free account until such a point where I am about to exceed the capital gains allowance (circa £12000) before opening ISA?

I suppose what I’m saying is when does it make sense to open the Freetrade ISA when for free I can use the free account, until I breach cap gains, which won’t be for a year or more.


I have the same question and currently on the free account and would love to know if it makes sense to hold until we reach the 12k threshold…

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I think if you can afford to max out the ISA (or come close) in a particular year it makes sense to do it as if you get to a point where you have more than £20K you want to put in it will take multiple years to transfer it