Use it or lose it!

If you haven’t already reached your yearly ISA allowance what are you thinking of investing in? I have some shares in weatherspoons and thinking of adding more. Use your allowance people.

I’m waiting. Will rather loose the rest of this year’s allowance. Waiting for the markets to crash

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LOL. I wish. I’d have to give up food, drink and using electricity.


Haven’t opened an ISA just yet as I’m still within my dividend and capital gains tax free allowance.

Is it only worth opening an ISA once you have to pay tax? Otherwise it doesn’t seem feasible or capital efficient to open one, or are there other benefits I am overlooking?

Also taking the monthly fee into account for Freetrade, doesn’t quite seem worth it just yet!

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You could open one and keep cash in it. No obligations to buy stocks straight away.


I’m unsure what you mean about the second paragraph about feasibility and capital efficiency

If you already do self-assessment, even if you are below CGT and dividend limits, you still have to declare any gains. I find having the ISA convenient since you can just ignore the details and not worry about having to track everything.


This is partially misleading. Outside an ISA you are required to report gains only if you exceed the CGT allowance or if you fill in a SA and your total proceeds exceeds four times the annual CGT allowance.

Mea culpa, although strengthening my point that if it’s inside an ISA you just don’t need to think about it.