Managing ISAs across tax years

Hi all. First post to the forum here, and looking for some help on how the Freetrade ISA is managed across tax years.

So I’ve opened and put money into an ISA for 20/21 and intend to continue with Freetrade for 21/22.

My question is, if/how Freetrade differentiates between the funds I put in from the two different tax years?

My understanding is that from April onward, the allowance is reset, but if I should need to make a withdrawal, can I specify that from 20/21 funds so it doesn’t affect my 21/22 allowance?

Thanks in advance.

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You have £20k to add each tax year irrespective of any withdrawals made.
The Freetrade ISA is non-flexible so any withdrawals within a tax year can’t be replaced.


Many thanks, just wanted to be sure how it all worked, to make sure I didn’t come a cropper.


I have a question. If you open an isa this tax year with FT and fill it up, then just leave it. Then open a stocks and shares elsewhere next tax year. Will you still have to pay £3 every month?

Yes. You still have a FT ISA.


you need to pay as long as you have the ISA, so yes