[Feature Request 🔧] Show stock operations in native currency as well as gbp

Basically it would be nice to be able to see at what price a stock was bought or sold in the native stock currency USD (or euro once European stocks)

Wether that is in addition to the current price, if it’s a settings toggle, or even just holding down on the GBP price having a popup with the native price

Yup, it’s crazy to me that I can’t see what price I previously bought US stocks at in dollars, when the app shows their current price in dollars!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Especially with the pound’s volatility, it’s practically impossible to work out if your investment is doing well or if it’s just the pound doing badly :joy:


Yep, thirded! Purchase price in the history section, and current price adjacent to the gbp price.

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This really should be high up the list. Lack of ability to see the local currency trade price makes accurately tracking a portfolio hard as hell if you are adding the trade days/weeks/months later - bluntly this should be part of the basic setup.

Edit. To create a portfolio from scratch with my Freetrade shares I am having to open Freetrade, then open each stock to get transactions, then open google and convert GBP to the local currency of the stock, then look up the conversion rates on the date.

On a competitor, I am opening up the app, seeing the stock purchase, currency and local currency all together.

I am able to copy my portfolio across in 30 minutes, rather then an hour plus for Ft.


This is my number one request too as most of my stocks are US. Under “Your Investment” section it should state the average price per share in GBP as well as in USD (or stock currency).

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Yes this would be particularly useful I agree.

There is a new purchase ticket that has the $ the stock was bought for, and the price you paid in £ as well… I think currently only available for beta testers for fractional shares, and will go out to everyone once the roll out is complete.


Looking at getting into US stocks. Hope this is already fixed or en route to being fixed

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Bump. Yes please

The average share price is always showed in pounds.

My suggestion is to show the average share price in the currency that you buyed the stock in.

Its getting annoying to keep checking my averaged price by counting myself, this would make it easier for us all as well save a lot of time!

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Yes please

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It would be quite useful to have the numbers in the currency I purchased / sold or bought my shares in the contract notes and also the FX rate applied

Can we please have an option to view current value and average price in the currency of the exchange? Its extremely frustrating having to keep converting gbp to usd when checking on us stock performance.

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This would be really helpful.