[Feature Request 🔧] SIPP - Employer contributions 👴🏻 💷

Partial transfers are allowed by most providers, and not everyone uses nest. If you’re unfortunate enough for your employer to be using nest then it seems very unlikely they’re going to support employee managed pension providers, not many companies do, never mind the ones that use nest.

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Crucial that employers can contribute if you are introducing SIPPS. Most employers will do that.

If. SiPPS are an important part of Freetrade then the ability for employers to contribute is vital.

Make it happen Freetrade


I had the same issue with the employer’s pension and Standard Life. Full transfer only, meaning the SL account had to be closed down, and then my employer had to re-enroll me. It was a massive PITA and so I’m unlikely to do it again soon. Maybe every few years after I’ve forgotten the pain. This basically means no new money into by Freetrade SIPP.

It feels like a tactic by these companies to make it hard to switch. I hope the regulators look at it (fat chance I suspect).

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I’ll iterate my need for this.

Since I’m self employed (through a limited company), this is essential for me.

I was fortunate enough to be in a position to top up my SIPP for the year ahead before I transferred over to Freetrade, knowing this feature was yet available.

Really need this soon, would hope Freetrade have had ample time to implement this.


Crucial employers contribution into a Sipp


Yes please


I guess I’ll look elsewhere for a SIPP then

Yes. If your need employer contributions then this isn’t the correct product for your needs

Yes. If your need employer contributions then this isn’t the correct product for your needs

Shame really as I don’t think it would take much engineering time to add this feature (though I could be wrong on that), and I imagine at least 50% of their potential customers want employer contributions (freelancers, consultants with their own ltd etc). I do think they’ll need to add it at some point.


Vanguard at least allow employer contributions if you’re a director of your own ltd company (source) - perhaps that is easier to set up? Might be an option as a middle ground for freetrade

I tend to base things usually on what you have now. It’s not an option now so it’s pretty simple if employer contributions is what you need it’s just not the right product at the moment


Definitely think this could boost the coffers at FT big time!!! Maybe there are reasons why they don’t offer it we don’t see as it seems a really good option to add. Hopefully it comes sooner or later. Maybe, and it is a guess, it is more to do with the whole staffing infrastructure that would be needed to go with it.

At the moment it is pretty simple A-B between us and FT but to add in a third party brings what I would assume a lot of paper/clerical work etc.

Just a guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I have just taken out a SIPP for some reason Freetrade does not permit Employers contributions. Which is extremely important for a SIPP.

Yep me too without employers contributions the SIPP is useless to me shame because l would of loved to of taken out a SIpp with Freetrade.

Important for some people. For many their employer doesn’t allow contributions to third party pensions

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Hi, I’ve just joined FT and am in the process of moving my HL SIPP over.

I’m self-employed and (like others on this thread) it’s pretty important to me to be able to fund the SIPP from my business bank account.

Just adding my voice to the list :slight_smile:



Curious if you need to do employer contributions why would you move your SIPP to freetrade?

Probably because they anticipate that freetrade will add this feature in future.

I moved mine for the same reason though they don’t offer drawdown yet either. I imagine both features will arrive with time, if enough customers tell them they want it.


@Eden: Well, yes, that’s a very good question. It might just be the case that I didn’t do as much research as perhaps I should.

I’m happy to wait a few months for it to happen, and I’ll catch up with any missed contributions once the feature is available.

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I have a feeling this feature will take longer than a few months given Freetrade’s other priorities.