[Feature Request πŸ”§] SIPP - Employer contributions πŸ‘΄πŸ» πŸ’·

Now we need the ability to receive employer contributions so users can get salary sacrifice, the most efficient SIPP contribution and the No1 pension contribution since auto-enrollment, into their :freetrade: SIPP.

Resurrecting this thread+vote because I really need employer contributions :smile: Please, freetrade :pray:


I’ll add my vote to this one as well.

Seems like it would be a way to fairly rapidly scale to the total funds managed by FreeTrade.


Can you not transfer a lump from your work pension into your FT SIPP every so often? Obviously better if you did not need to but think this is still a way around it.


Most employers will only match your pension contributions if they can pay it directly into a pension provider (presumably for tax reasons).


What I mean is have a work place pension with X provider and say once a year transfer X amount across to your FT SIPP :+1: I have moved my old pensions into a PB account and they sound I can move X amount to my FT SIPP as long as I don’t close their account and continue to use them.

I’m not saying it 100% works but don’t see why it won’t.

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You can do periodic partial transfers, but only if your employer pension provider supports it, you need to check with them first as some of them have conditions like having a minimum balance invested.


Thanks, good points. Agree, periodic transfers from the workplace pension would indeed work, but obviously more admin.

An update to this: Over the last 2 months I have been trying to move money from my NEST pension to FT SIPP. Today I found out that I cannot do a partial transfer because I am under 55, I can only do a full transfer, and then reopen a new nest account, by closing NEST, waiting a month, issuing a transfer order, waiting a month, and then reopening NEST.

I’m going to have a further chat with my HR dept, but as you can imagine they are not thrilled about the idea of closing and reopening pension plans.


I think this is an issue with the NEST Structure: β€œYou can’t transfer out if you’re still making contributions to your Nest pension pot.”


this sounds like a good and interesting idea, is there also a way to currently have a regular contribution set up to the FT pension sipp?

As a further update, I just did a partial transfer from a current Aviva workplace pension to my Freetrade SIPP. Was very easy and took about a week. Aviva didn’t seem to have any issues with a partial transfer.


Hi Folks - the primary reason I opened a SIPP with FT is to be able to transfer funds from my own Ltd company, as company pension contributions. I can wait a bit, a few months but am keen to get it rolling as soon as possible - I know this feature isn’t on the public roadmap - it it a technical or regulatory reason it’s not in there yet? Any ideas?



I’d say both. They’d need to build this into the product and ensure a proper audit trail is in place. You should have checked with FT before opening the SIPP if it took contributions from your own private company. It’s not likely to be here anytime soon.

Well I did assume that’s true (should have checked) - but only because every SIPP I looked at, has that as standard, it’s just something you can do.

I’ve been told explicitly it’s on their roadmap, in-app chat - but of course it’s not on their public roadmap, and I’m aware features can get bumped down the list depending on their backlog.

Like, 6 months, I can wait, I wasn’t going to put big money through yet, but I did want to set up a recurring transfer, that sort of thing.

The joys of product development.

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Quick boost to this again as my measly existing pension has been transferred in and I am very very keen to move money out of my personal ltd company to the SIPP.

Anyone heard any news? Do FT product owners come in here?

Commenting to help give this more notice as it would help a LOT! At the moment I pay into a HL SIPP via the business and then have to transfer that to Freetrade which is hassle for everyone involved. Please please please make this happen. I’ll give you Β£20 :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


My experience with single one-off employer contributions, not the recurring static amount ones, is that they seem to be quite labor intensive and still manual:

  • employee/SIPP account holder
    => downloads a pdf from their SIPP provider website
    => fills in and emails the pdf form to the SIPP provider (this could be improved via an online form that does not need downloading/emailing)
    => does not see on his SIPP account that the form has been taken into account
  • employer sends the funds to the SIPP provider’s general client account, indicating the SIPP account number in the beneficiary reference field
  • employee does not see anything happening so employee has to chase several business days later to get SIPP provider to attribute the money received, in the general client account, to the SIPP account
  • SIPP provider reacts and takes care of it which makes the money appear in the SIPP account

…what a chore the whole thing is :roll_eyes: and I look forward to FT improving this customer journey/experience which does not seem complicated but must be quite a bit of work to get it right.


I too would really like to see this happen this year.

Would be great to have some sort of timeline on it for planning. If it weren’t for this I’d have shut my HL SIPP already.


I finally got my NEST transferred over to my FT SIPP. It took 3 months of phone calls and support chats and paperwork (mostly on the NEST side). It’s definitely not feasible to do this again.

Employer Contributions are basically necessary if FT want to attract the under 55 crowd as we aren’t allowed to do partial pension transfers, so using FT SIPP as primary pension without EC effectively cuts our pension growth by half.