[Feature Request 🔧] Trailing Stop Loss Order

Hi Gary yes!! Market will be volatile but it helps manage the risk better

Trailing Stop Loss feature would make me immediately go for the Plus account. It’s a must have.


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Hi FT,

I was reading about TSL in etoro - feature looks good and is there any option or future development pipeline to implement the same in FT.

Trailing Stop Loss (TSL) is an exciting feature we have added in response to feedback from our valued trading community.

A trailing stop loss sets the stop-loss order at a fixed amount of pips above or below the market price, depending on whether the position is SELL or BUY. As long as the market is moving in your favor, the stop loss will move with it, maintaining the same locked-in pip distance from the current market rate.

For example, if you set TSL for a BUY position, the stop loss will rise with the market in one-pip increments. This is why it’s called a ‘trailing’ SL; as the price rises, the stop loss rises with it. However, if the market is moving in the opposite direction i.e., if the price is falling, the stop loss will not change and a close order will be submitted when the stop loss rate is reached.

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I came here to ask if the stop loss feature meant also trailing stop. It seems that it does not yet, so here is another vote. If you did add it, I’d hands down upgrade to premium


Any news on this? is it even on the roadmap?
Updating all my stop loss orders every few days is REALLY tedious, and I pay my plus just for this feature, and everyday the market goes up I feel more urge to ensure I keep as much of the up side as I could!


I think this would be a great addition to Plus features.

The way I see it working to keep it very simple (& therefore easier to build):

  1. User picks Trailing Stop Loss from default values, say 10%, 25% or 50%
  2. Trailing Stop Loss is updated at the end of each trading day (if end of day price is a new high)

That way Freetrade’s Invest Platform doesn’t have to worry about intraday highs and it doesn’t encourage day trading.

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Exactly! Very simple, follow 80 / 20 rule, and deliver simple feature that solves most of the problem.


I would allow custom percentage though to avoid being at the same level as many other people :sweat_smile:

I would make my percentage 7.9357% :joy::joy:


Another vote for a Trailing Stop Loss. It’s a crucial tool for many trading strategies, both buying and selling.

Further to this, a Trailing Stop Limit order would be great


+1 a must have feature. April 2022. Any news AT ALL? Is this on the roadmap FT? Please say yes


Another vote from a plus member for a trailing stop loss…thinking of moving away from FT if this isn’t implemented soon


I would also like to see a trailing stop loss added to the Plus membership…in fact it’s a must have feature for me to continue to use the service as other platforms are offering this. Please update asap if this is in development.


@freetrade - is there any update on this? Trailing stops are a common and popular feature, and crucial to many trading strategies. Is it on the roadmap?

This is not major but I like it as an additional. A broker I use, sends you an email when your stock dips below 10% to your break-even point. I think it adds a layer of security for those who wish to get out of a position especially when FT don’t have stop-losses yet. But personally I just like to know and it helps me calculate will I average down etc. I usually do, if I bought 10% higher and I liked the stock I usually think its ok to be getting in 10% lower

They only show depreciation per share. Maybe total value and per share value is the way to go

Edit: They do this for 10% but I’ve yet to see a 20% and so on. Every 10% milestone email alert would be what I would be looking for

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This would be great and useful tool for managing automatically potential gains and losses. personally I would love to see IFTT (IF This Then That, an app) Integration meaning I can automatically sell/buy shares when they hit a certain threshold. Having some kind of API (application program interface) access means Freetrade can play nicely with other apps I use to manage my finances and investments. I would love to see what the community could do if Freetrade were more open and accessible to developers.


That’s interesting, because the requirement from mifid ii is that the client needs to be notified of a 10% depreciation of their PORTFOLIO value from the last reporting end.

More reading: https://www.ftadviser.com/investments/2018/02/07/how-to-prepare-for-mifid-ii-s-10-per-cent-rule/

Isn’t this all similar to a stop loss or trailing stop loss?

Setting a stop or limit at a certain price to sell your order?

Na because it doesn’t trigger a sell. Just info

YES, This seems to be an interesting feature;

*etoro has an alert system, which alerts you when a certain share gain or drop on % value. I’m not sure if that applies to etoro portfolio gains/drop.

*T212 has price alert, which can be adjusted to personal preferences. But I’m afraid they also dont offer portfolio gain/drops as of today.
However they offer a slightly different alerts in CFD account which is their USP. (Top Winner/ Losser from their universe)

Is this being developed as I could really do with using it please