[Feature Request 🔧] USD/GBP View Mode

Are there plans to include a toggle dollar / pound view mode for the portfolio value / average price paid / gains?

The current stock price of US stocks is shown in dollar, while the portfolio value / average price paid / gains are shown in pounds. Which creates a bit of a Confusion when figuring out values.

Current price of a stock should still be in the original currency of the stock market exchange it is listed to allow easy comparison between different web indexes (yahoo finances / Bloomberg, etc)


Your portfolio is going to be in £ as it needs to have a home currency to show the overall portfolio value.

You can buy shares in multiple countries who all have a baseline home currency - if you buy shares in a Canadian company listed in the Canadian stock market then they will be in CAD, American listed company in USD and a Hong Kong list company in HKD for instance. Freetrade needs to show your overall
Portfolio value in one currency which is reflective of the moves in the share price and the change in currency of GBP vs USD.

Also when you sell the shares priced in dollars you will get pounds returned to you therefore the actual value of your portfolio is the value you will receive in your home currency if you were to sell.

To clarify, I refer to these fields of the avg price per share and current value of that particular stock.
It would be useful have a toggle where i could see the value in the stock market they are listed (being USD, CAD, HKD, etc). Or just have the value in dollars between brackets next to the value in Pounds. The same could be implemented for the listing prince (that could have between brackets the value in Pounds).

In the example images: the current price of the american stock is set in dollars, while the average is set in Pounds. to make a fair comparison between what i have paid and what it costs now i need to use a currency conversor outside of Freetrade.


I agree with what you’re suggesting.

I like to track my holdings in other places, such as Yahoo Finance. They have an average price paid column for my holdings and it would be better to be able to input the average amount paid for stocks.

Otherwise I’m just going to have to convert from £ to at that specific moment in time and my average price paid for stocks will be incorrect.

Please can we have the option to display average amount paid in the stock’s native currency?


100% agree with this.

Good suggestion and surprised it has not been actioned. I was about to add this issue myself but found this suggestion while checking to see if it had been flagged before.

It’s not useful having different metrics as there is no easy comparison and makes having the average price per share almost worthless (unless you are going to get the fx rate and get your calculator out).

I’m not sure about others but the current stock price may be more useful displayed in GPB as all purchases and sales are made in our local currency.