Field Trip Health & Wellness Ltd - FTHWF

This psychedelics company creates technology-empowered clinics providing psychadelic therapies. They also operate a platform which provides patients with guided ketamine treatments accessible from their own home.

Whats going on with this? Freetrade sent out an in app message that this stock is moving to OTC and that you have to vote on whether you want to sell, without knowing the price or if the sale will complete.

This is problematic, for one, the link to voting was in this message and I cannot see a way of retrieving this message now it had been viewed - why isn’t/wasn’t this sent as an email so it can be viewed again?

Secondly, what are the exact implications of this possible sale option? I remember something vague like ‘if it doesn’t sell, it will be returned to your account’ - what then? Presumably trading will no longer be supported for this stock? So this stock will continue to be held? But effectively inaccessible? The listing in app says this stock will be moving out of basic plan, but basic users can hold AND sell - is this information still correct? If so, what is the urgency with this latest announcement? If not, why has it not been updated?

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