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  • Europe’s first Sports Betting and iGaming ETF

This will be Europe’s first Sports Betting and iGaming ETF, and European investors’ first opportunity to access the rapidly growing global sports betting and online industry via an ETF.

  • An expanding market due to regulatory changes

Goldman Sachs* expects the US sports betting and iGaming market to expand 23x from $2b in 2020 to $53b in 2033. Globally, the industry is expected to grow by 11% pa over the next fiveyears, according to H2 Capital**. Regulatory changes allowing US states to legalise sports betting and iGaming, in various forms, has been the major growth catalyst whilst Europe and Asia are also high growth markets. *Goldman Sachs Equity Research - 22/03/21; **H2 Global All Product Summary - 06/04/21

  • Growth drivers of the industry

Besides the regulatory environment, growth drivers of the sports betting market include a wider social acceptance of sports betting as an entertainment activity; sports betting support from sports leagues, teams and media companies; technological improvements that allow an enhanced online experience; and more generally, greater time spent on mobile devices.

BETP trades in GBP and BETS trades in USD on the London Stock Exchange. Please could you add this highly promising ETF to Freetrade?

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This one has already been requested here. [Request] Fischer Sports Betting & iGaming UCITS ETF (BETS) You’re thread has great info but spreading across multiple threads splits the votes.

FT will eventually add all stocks so think of a request as a request to accelerate this, which is why it’s critical to vote - including your own requests (why it doesn’t auto vote is beyond me)


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