Fish v Wallstreetbets v S&P500

Morning Folks :ocean: :sauropod:

There isn’t really an elegant thread that exists where this ‘peculiar’ video fits so it gets its own thread.

Have you ever wondered about how best to make money by investing in stocks? Of course you have because this would be an odd community to spend time in if you hadn’t.

No we’re all on the same page it’s logically to try to work out what is the best approach, deep financial analysis, technical witchcraft, meme stocks or leave it all to VWRL and go outside and enjoy life?

I stumbled across this video from YouTuber and programmer Michael Reeves, I didn’t know this young gentleman before lending him 15 minutes of my time but what a 15 minutes they were.

Enjoy :sauropod: :tropical_fish:


So is this a copy of the crypto hamster for clicks or the other way around :slight_smile: I guess both just copied the usual world cup predicting animal species.