Fool's Top UK Shares For 2020

Will you be picking up any of these? Or already own them?


Would personally never buy tobacco stocks but might get some alco stocks and redrow in the new year :clinking_glasses::wink:


Games Workshop is on my watchlist. The others are not. I don’t invest in alcohol or tobacco companies because of my personal convictions.


Redrow looks good. Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon, Barrett and Bovis Homes are all around P/E 10 - which is good value compared to the broader market (especially if we get building the houses we need!).


Persimmon have had some bad news lately and it’s not like it’s been new news from them either. The houses they allow to be built are shocking IMO (not every single one obviously). Low paid and low skilled workers without great supervision is mainly the faults. So if they don’t turn things around i would advise staying away from them.

In buying their stocks… and their houses. :sweat_smile:

I would assume they start to do real business soon so may be worth a chance but not for me atleast.

Used to supply Persimmon at work. They’re solely focused on the price, nothing else matters to them.

They really can throw a house up though…and building control sign them off and NHBC sign off the warranty so :man_shrugging:

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I have Carnival, wanted to gather enough shares for a free cruise :sweat_smile:
Was considering buying more but it’s been on a steady downward slide over the last 2 years

I usually stay away from alcohol and tobacco stocks, so don’t even really look at them. Home builders industry have a bad rep in general from the small amount I’ve read about them, haven’t heard any of them be consistent, but will probably do a little more reading and see if it is worth investing.


I used to work for Redrow and am kicking myself for selling my share saver for 615p a few months ago! They’ve always hit 630/650 and gone back down.

Be aware that Steve Morgan, majority share holder and man with the vision, is selling his stake off. He’s stepped back last year and is now in a non-exec role. Last time he ‘left’ it went south - if they keep building g the heritage homes they have a niche that no other builder seems to want to copy or can copy.

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In a capitalist world all that matters is money. And there’s something wrong there in getting signed off, clearly someone doesn’t care about their job and people’s H&S if the affected houses have been ‘checked thoroughly and signed off’ Probably wrote it off on the coffee break :man_facepalming:

I’ve got a position in Carnival also. Market leader, seemed undervalued. There was a period where every time they took a large dip, I bought more, in anticipating improving the upswing. Had to stop when I reached my exposure maximum.

Cautiously pleased to see they’ve started going up a little again recently, but even though I still think they’re undervalued, I don’t have the confidence that they’ll rise that would tempt me to buy more (also, exposure). Trump throwing a paddy, things kicking off in any number of tourist countries, and oil prices soaring are all uncontrollable things that could have further negative effect on Carnival shares.

But hopefully I’m being too cautious and they’ll turn it around (not least for the sake of my exisiting position :sweat_smile:)

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I have already added HSBC to my portfolio (although it is a small position) They have been hit hard through no fault of their own, brexit, Hong Kong protests etc.

I have also been looking at Diageo although I need to do more research.

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Very tempted by Redrow and Diageo!


A little caution be advised. The list is just made up by random people with arguments that are extremely vague and don’t tell you anything about company or valuation. Believing this list is like taking any comment on here as direct investment advice.


BAT and imperial brands as a smoker I’ve no problem buying those stocks. It depends if one of them is a div aristocrat which will come out on top any choice.

As I’ve said before on here it youre a truly ethical investor there’ll be nothing left to invest in. Kiss them avocados goodbye for your guacamole they’re provided for by the cartels.

I don’t invest in oil for semi/ethical reasons I suppose but it’s mainly that I think it’s obsolete and on a mass scale I just don’t think it’s a viable investment if you’re TAM is shrinking every single year

I already have 17 shares in Games Workshop GAW. I will be purchasing some Redrow shares before Christmas.

RedRow seems like a solid buy IMO.

Check out the video and the below stockreport

Redrow does look good on a quick scan :ok_hand:

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I think you’re a bit premature writing oil off, oil consumption is still going up. The rate of increase is slowing but we’ll still be using way too much oil for years to come

Ye you could be right but with the advent of electric cars, climate scaremongering, and it plain being bad when it comes to spills…I just think it’s gonna go downhill. That being said I missed the boat on Halliburton when I was eyeing them up for ages. And now Phillips 66 are on my watchlist

Also if I truly believed in oil/gas I’d be fully in on them. Their PE’s are so reasonable and demonstrate value

I’ve been looking at UK homebuilding stocks a while, including redrow. Theyre definitely quality businesses (strong cash flow, high profit margins, high return on capital employed, low debt, etc) as of late, but I’m cautious they may prove a value trap.

Because they’re so cyclical and asset driven, I think price to book value is a better indicator of value than price to earnings. Then suddenly they don’t look as cheap to me (nearing 2, most of them).

So whilst I’m still looking into homebuilders, they might look too expensive to me atm. im quite happy with the other opportunities available in the market until then. Definitely one for the watchlist, though

love the long term potential of these businesses though, I prefer businesses I can hold indefinitely and the only long term threat I can see so far to uk homebuilders is modular housing, and these businesses are well capitalised to hopefully tackle such threats, nevermind the barriers to entry.

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Only long term one I hold is Diageo, up 63% from when I purchased years ago.

Should have jumped in with GAW when it was under £40 but I didn’t believe it would continue to rise.