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I think this stock is already available to purchase?

Yes it is but careful to buy now…can drop more this week…….I think the real estate market will fall further until we pass the Brexit date and maybe further…

I looked into some housebuilders a couple of months back, including Persimmon.

I don’t have enough knowledge of the housebuilding cycle to confidently invest, but it seems we are coming towards the end of the cycle as house building has been slowly down? Especially with the uncertainty with Brexit - could demand for housing go down if people relocate to other countries? Who knows!

Nice one @PigeonStrangler for making a good profit :muscle:

I wonder how many younger investors who can’t afford to buy houses at the moment are investing in housebuilders instead :thinking:


Berkeley Group is the best housebuilder

Any reasons behind that statement?

Help to sell doing well for them, at least before the 2021 changes.

P/E is at 6, balance sheet matters less with a lower P/E stock.

BKG is still a good buy below £38, the biggest risk is a full scale recession, where yes, these stocks will be cut in half.

The real estate market has been ruined by this “Help to Buy Scheme” in my opinion.
The whole English real estate market is in a big bubble ready to burst when the scheme ends in 2023.

Watch out for sneaky mice!

Many who used Help To Buy could have bought without:

So only got themselves to blame for negative equity.

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I used to deal with Persimmon at work, so on personal experience wouldn’t hold their stock, but might be useful for those that do!


I would second what Codf says. They aren’t the real deal. #Scumstock

Possibly not for this thread, but god that’s depressing.

I bought a Persimmon home a few years ago. The build quality is dreadful and the homes are rushed. I would never buy into their stocks for these reasons.

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Even the show homes felt shoddy as you walked around them.

Cheapest materials, on the cheapest land built in the quickest time. No time for craftsmanship.

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Couldn’t agree more


Persimmon CEO to depart after just 15 months in role

Group chief executive Dave Jenkinson will depart “in due course”, he said today as Persimmon revealed a drop in 2019 profit as it sought to improve construction quality.

Persimmon are paying 125p per stock in divedends this year.