Foresight Solar Fund - FSFL

Missed the (.) Well spotted 1.7p or .017p or just under 2p sorry wish it was 17p or even 7p :slight_smile:


Hahaha Yeah, easy done. I was about to go buying a fuck-ton more if it had indeed been 17p.

At 1.7p, four times annually - yeah the 7p mark is still a sweet near 7% return.

Solar, wind & tidal are great investments for UK renewable energy plays. Granted tidal is lagging well behind but costs seem to have been slashed & several players are now offering turbines rather than big tidal damn constructions. There is an undeniably dependable aspect to tides so it makes huge sense for energy security & stable basis on which to layer an almost oversubscription of wind & solar. Storage & green hydrogen production will mean we can decarbonise energy with sufficient investment.

Seeing the Russian aggression highlights the national security necessity for an entirely renewable energy mix. Plus, the current gas & oil prices &, of course, the absolute desperate need for cleaner, greener energy forms to combat climate change…those make trust like these really, really attractive propositions.

Add a 7% dividend yield…beautiful :ok_hand:t2:


Its having a good run in a bad market.

Certainly is any main reason or people thinking it’s a good place to hold money. My other renewable shares are holding solid ATM but not going up like this company.

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When is the dividend due?

1 Like is an excellent website which I highly recommend. It tells you all the info about dividend dates, ex-dividend, etc. Link should show you the Foresight Solar dividend info :slight_smile:



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Yep paid.

I am still waiting for it


Paid as well not huge amount £10 but better than -£10 also up £35 up on total amount of shares.

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Holding well it being ex dividend

What holdings does this have?

The fund is invested into solar pv and battery storage assets directly, so its ‘holdings’ are the solar farms etc. It’s not a fund that’s invested into solar supply chain companies.



Looks really interesting, i was tempted to buy it but not sure about ongoing charges and the fee, seems high.

1.14% for a fund is fairly normal. Don’t confuse the fees for a passive index fund


Just out of interest Neil, as it occurs to me that I’m ignorant of this, how are the fees applied? Is it taken out prior to dividend payment or somehow incorporated into share price?


Fees are taken from the cash in the fund. It’s something that is displayed so you can compare funds / ETF’s but it isn’t something you need to ‘pay’


As @NeilB says, the fees are fairly standard. The other solar trusts: BSIF, NESF and USF: all have a similar ongoing charge. It’s important not to compare it to passive funds because trusts like this offer something completely different, namely direct exposure to infrastructure projects.


Thank you both Neil & Rehpot for that, very helpful, also the warning about comparing with passive funds.


This stock is turning out to be a nice steady riser. First time i have ever topped up on a rising stock and staying in the green.