NextEnergy Solar Fund ☀️ - NESF

This investment company focuses on the acquisition of solar energy assets, with a particular focus on the UK.


Is this considered to be a SPAC?

No. This is a really good, long-standing renewable energy fund. They basically buy up operational solar farms when the development risk is past and then pocket the revenue for the next 25 years sharing the profits with investors as a 5-6% dividend yield paid quarterly. I’ve been in this stock for years and see it as a low risk, reliable dividend option to offset the riskier growth stocks I hold. Nothing to do with SPACS in any way.


At the same time a lot of my green energy stocks are going red this one seems to be staying steady and in fact putting on a bit of growth.
Possibly the comment above goes some way to explaining this as it suggests NextEnergy do well from others (such as foresight solar) going into decline

Yes you need to understand the concept of Net Asset Value (NAV) for stocks like this one. The idea is that the fund holds it’s NAV steady by efficiently recycling its capital, adding to the portfolio of solar farms and optimising performance to offset depreciation. Investors then receive a quarterly dividend that increases with inflation. You should not expect any growth in the share price at all. If it does that’s a bonus. Foresight solar works in exactly the same way. They have had a few problems with projects in Australia which has affected their NAV but if you are able to leave your money in for a few years, the dividend should more than make up for any modest drop in the share price. These are not high return stocks though. You should be looking for stable share price that tends to move up or down by no more than 10% and consistently pays its dividend of 5-6% each year. Greencoat Wind, TRIG and the Octopus renewables fund are other examples.


What are the dividends like for this stock?

This stock is all about the quarterly dividend. Not sure what the yield is exactly at the moment but probably around the equivalent of 6% a year. Very good low risk investment, just don’t expect the share price to go up very much.

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Thinks it’s about 4.5% or 6% ATM :+1:t2:

Now i’ve reached my goal on Diversified Energy Company (DEC) share, Nextenergy is my next target for a few thousand shares. I do love a quarterly dividend.

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Basically started my nephew saving fund this is one of them! Only up about 4.5% and only a little amount like £30 worth

But haven’t seen it go under £0.98p and upto £1.04p for a while and with a nearly 5% dividend seems decent potential got a £1.25p
Up spring (if right word) lol

Due an increase after 30th June dividend and looking at previous ones maybe 2.5%-3.5 increase on dividend and had been increased last 7 years :+1:t2:

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Scrip divideneds is something we can’t benefit from with FT isn’t it?

If i understand it right it would mean you would.get more shares in the company instead of the money?

That would have been something i would have definetly gone for.

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I don’t believe we can use the scrip so will get cash in lieu of shares.

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So it will just be like or normal dividends or we getting extra cash?

From my reading they’re wording it as ‘cash instead of a scrip’ when in reality it should be the other way round. It’s just cheaper for them to issue more shares that to distribute the cash

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So if we Have shares in company what happens?

And if we bought now does it make a difference or is it now granted :thinking:

No difference, a scrip dividend means you receive shares in lieu of cash. Freetrade doesn’t support them so we’ll continue to get cash. They announced the schedule for 2023 so posted it above to help people plan.

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Would that be a freetrade message about share they would even Stop trading them