Got my first dividend!

I got my first dividend. A whopping £3,53 from 199 shares in Greencoat. Nice to see money do the work for me.


Congrats! I also had my greencoat dividend today, I forgot about it, so it’s a nice little bonus



Nothing like the first time seeing money making money, however small.


I am due some from ConocoPhillips. Payment date June 1st. Any idea when I should start to chase it, after US trading finishes today?

Well, payout date was 29th of may and I only saw it appear yesterday. So probably by tomorrow you will have it. It can take some time because the company pays out to the broker (FT) and they then pay out to you.

Ahhh the first dividend moment. It’s always an eye opening experience. It changes your mindset from stocks are just online ticker symbols that move at random to ‘ I actually own a piece of a business and every time they make profits I get paid’.

Keep going. £3.53 might not seem like a lot but over time this will compound and snowball and you’ll be collecting dividends worth many multiples of this.


Still not got it, but its US so shall sit patient until Friday


£3.53 will buy you two more Greencoat shares so you now have 201 shares = more dividends! :smiley:


Congrats - let the good time roll!

Congratulations, long may you get more!

Is this in the greencoat windfarms trust? Great stuff

Yes, ticker symbol UKW. I think that they are a great company for the long run. As green energy is taking off, I think there is a great future with them.

Yeah their UK wind SPV has been performing very well. Their big growth area at the moment is the European Wind Fund which is listed on aim and Euronext under “greencoat renewables plc” I believe, they’re hoping to list on larger EUR exchanges in the next year or so… they have the mandate to do the same as the UK fund but in euros basically, and are in the process of aquiring projects in Northern Europe… Worth looking into

New to this, how long do you need to have shares before you get dividends in general?

Google the share

Some pay once a year, some pay quarterly, some pay never

So they generally pay on a specific date, so you need to hold the share on that date. The length of time doesn’t matter

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Thanks lot don, that answers my other questions too :slight_smile:

you need to hold it on the exdividend date. The payout follows later, some the week after, other companies take a monht or so.

I’ve always wondered, why do US share pay out dividends so much quicker than UK companies?