Foresight Solar Fund - FSFL

Interim dividend is in.

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And reinvested

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Me too @Peteswindon

It fits nicely into dividend paying and not being terrible for society / the earth.


I’ve gone pretty deep into FSFL and most other green energy companies (UKW, GRID, TRIG, etc) to be honest. I trade where I feel my morals lie. I am sure energy security is going be at the forefront of lots of countries national security objectives.


Any reason for drop in price so far this morning?

Same reason for everything dropping

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£1.08 can’t believe my luck. What a great top up price.

“Be greedy when others are fearful” - Warren Buffett


I don’t think the stock is being sold because people are fearful. It is very simple economics in play - the dividend yield had started to look lousy in light of treasury and bond re-ratings. (simple DCF). Of course it falls low enough it becomes interesting again :slightly_smiling_face:


To right 1st time I’ve topped up twice in 1 day.

I’m very tempted. Does anyone mind if I scoop up some of this with the remaining 25% allowance of my LISA? :smiley:


I think another important factor is the collateral situation with UK pensions, a lot of which like to invest in bond proxies like these trusts. The price action looks like forced selling.

FT just reporting on this: Register to read | Financial Times

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The deed is done @108.12 via AJ Hell - though not the full 25% of my LISA allowance, I shoved some in Apple.

:cow: :gem: Diamond Hooves :gem: :cow: baby! We’re going to the moon, first cow in space, MOO MOO!


You cant keep a good stock down even in a bad market

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And now back in the green.

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And now back to £1.20. Could do with dip to top up again. Lol

And there’s the dip.

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The question now will be the caps (these guys have been subsidised for years) Subscribe to read | Financial Times.

As I mentioned in the other thread the effect on trusts depends on the proportion of ROCs in their revenues and their price forecasts. FSFL’s latest curve is below:


Yes the FT Weekend article did say

Another person involved in the discussions added that not all companies “would care about the cap if it was at a [relatively] high price”.

Your FSFL curves suggest to me that if the cap goes through there will be a material impact on FSFL in the next couple of years and as such I expect a drop in price of FSFL shares for a while. Political uncertainty will play its part too.

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