Foresight Solar Fund - FSFL

Agreed although it depends on how much each trust fixed. See Greencoat’s curve which shows they negotiated only a couple years at prices lower than FSFL:

Depending on the price the government agrees there could be a net benefit to some like UKW (not to mention greater revenue consistency), although probably an initial NAV hit given discount factor. I think at least £60/MWh is likely. I’d say roughly anything above £80MWh would be a long-term win.

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Yes agree. I could never buy fossil fuel shares even though they do well.


Dividend in.

Topped up again at that sp.

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No dividend so far?

I got mine probably about 30 minutes ago.

Yes mine came in Friday after trading. Odd .

Why the big sell off today? Any news?

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All my renewable’s trust are down over the last 6 months including TRIG, UKW, BSIF and Foresight. This isn’t the worst performer.

When interest rates eventually start to come down these will rally.


UKW is only down a few percentages, and effectively unchanged over the last year not council dividends. That’s not uncommon for infrastructure trusts over such a short time span

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As @Ste1 said its the intrest rates. You can read here effects of it on trusts.

You can check gearing for trusts you have in AIC

Select “Renewable Energy Infrastructure” as the sector.


Well i thought those year on year results were pretty good, market didn’t think so, will top up at that SP.

In this week’s edition of the Weekly Investment Trust Podcast, Jonathan Davis, editor of the Investment Trusts Handbook , speaks to Nicholas Weindling, manager of the JPMorgan Japanese Investment Trust (JFJ) and Ross Driver, co-manager of the Foresight Solar Fund (FSFL) .


I hope so. Its a market that is not invested enough in the uk.

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Love ex-dividend time to top up. DYOR.

Anyone knows why this share price has fallen over 10% in past week. That is a lot?

Seems to be just general market trend good time to stock up.


Stock fallen 20% since i bought shares. Any views on this conpany is it in trouble.

Yes seems that way