Fractional ownership of luxury goods

Long story short.

Couple of weeks ago, a friend sold a Rolex which he had bought 5 years ago for £5k. He got £20k for it. Nice return.

I started looking into doing the same, but have been scared off by the price of new Rolexes now (certain styles are more in demand).

Then yesterday I got an email from Chip, offering me early access (I’m a shareholder) into a new venture they’re calling ‘Alternative Assets’.

Basically sounds like a scheme for buying a share of a Rolex, fine wine, Lambos etc.

Is this something for Freetrade to consider? I haven’t yet weighed up the pros and cons, but I’ll definitely be interested to see how the CGT situation pans out, as my understanding is that gains on things like watches are exempt from CGT.

That sounds like an entirely different business venture and not something a young share trading app should get involved with.
Why not try your luck and start something yourself in this direction? :wink:

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Touché :+1:t3::sunglasses:

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I’m not dismissive about the idea btw. It intuitively sounds like a good idea/business case to me. :+1:

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I did read that luxury watch prices are coming down for the first time in a while. You might be able to get a good entry in a few months.

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