Fractional Share and Whole Share

Not sure is it just me but…

It’s been great to finally have fractional share on the app, however, I came to notice a slight flaw with the UI/UX on the (Andriod) app - it became so difficult to invest one full whole share, especially with the USA firms.

I understand Freetrade makes small money on the exchange rate, which isn’t a problem, but it is rather annoying that I cannot get a one full US share but end up having either a 1.0001 or 0.9998 share.

Trading212 done a better job on this…

While I understand it’s a slight annoyance, do you really need one exact share?

Agree with op. Just seems like lazy UX design. Please fix it :slight_smile:

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I like it tidy and P/L calculation to be neat/easier :slight_smile:


They are working on it. There is a blog post somewhere.

Found it:

Can I specify my order in whole shares?

Since the beginning, we’ve built the user interface for buying shares with the intent to shift the focus from the number of shares to investment amount, which we believe is more meaningful and compatible with building a diversified portfolio. This rollout hasn’t changed that flow, the change is that you’ll end up with the maximum possible number of shares for your investment amount, including fractions.

Independent of building fractional share investing, we are also testing many improvements to the process of placing a trade, adding flexibility for more advanced order types such as limits and stops. While we always intend to deliver the simplest order flow possible, as part of such advanced orders we may include a version of whole-share purchasing in the future.

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I think you underestimate the power of OCD

It must be a simple fix of simply allowing you to type in the stock nr. field.