Freetrade auditors

(Sam) #1


Who performs the financial audit for Freetrade Limited?


(Vladislav Kozub) #2

PwC. And welcome to the community!

(Justin T) #3

Yikes! High fees. I guess.

(Vladislav Kozub) #4

I guess there must have been value for money identified. @Rob elaborated on the importance of clients’ portfolios’ security in his blog post, briefly explaining the reasoning behind choosing PwC.

(Justin T) #5

Aren’t they staffed by several ex auditors probably including pWC? just sayin’

(Vladislav Kozub) #6

Head of Finance is. But as he is not an MI6 double agent whose loyalty sits back with PwC, his current interests are aligned with Freetrade. Hence one would assume he would only pick an auditor whose price/quality ratio will also be in line with Freetrade’s direction to success :slightly_smiling_face:

(Justin T) #7

This forum is crazy! I’ve only joined today, reading on the fly and everyone is responding and ‘liking’ at 8pm at night! How does anyone get any sleep???

(Vladislav Kozub) #8

We do not. Sitting and waiting for the App release and further community announcements. Welcome to the crazy ship :money_mouth_face:

(Justin T) #9

Indeed, The key question: when is the release? Any inside info or absolute knowledge? I’m playing catch up but it seems it’s not iminent.

(Viktor) #10

We’ll publish the rollout timeline tomorrow! :wink:


(Jeff puckering) #12

Did he just say what I think he said???