Freetrade community Dark theme 🌚

(Alex Sherwood) #1

Now that Apple’s launched it’s new Mac operating system with a dark mode, I figured we should set up a dark theme for the site.

You can switch between themes from the hamburger menu next to your profile icon -

This had been created using the primary colour palette for Freetrade’s brand :art:

This should be easier on your eyes so now you’ll only be blinded when you switch to regular sites :upside_down_face: Let me know how you get on with this!

(Emma) #2

Been using dark mode for a while on this forum but the new colours are lush :heart_eyes:

Thanks :boom:

(Denislav) #3

:astonished: Fancy… :black_heart:


I use dark mode on just about every site I visit. I didn’t know it was available on here and was finding the bright white a bit tough to take over time. Thanks for the heads up.


Dang, for a second there I thought you meant a dark theme on the Freetrade app - that would be :sunglasses:

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Haha my bad, I’ve updated the title so hopefully no one else will get their hopes up.

Obviously a dark theme for the app would a low priority right now, while we’re focused on building things like US stocks & ISAs but it has been talked about.

I’d be curious to see how many votes the request got if someone posted it in #feedback-and-ideas :eyes:


Nothing wrong with the Freetrade colours, but hey if one day the option is given then why not.


Shall I post it, shall I?? :dog:

(Alex Sherwood) #9

Go on :slight_smile: