Freetrade Competition

How is freetrade planning on responding to new and upcoming investing apps such as Evarvest in the UK that offer fee free trading, 8000+ stocks on launch and an in app news feed.
Are you planning on ramping up the pace at which you get your investment platform up and running so you no longer have to rely on CDI’s in order to remain competitive?

See this for the plans:


Wold you imagine that Next Up is ahead of Work in Progress or how does it work?

Yes the cards in Next Up aren’t yet a Work In Progress.

The cards move from right to left as they get closer to completion, which is slightly unusual to be fair :slight_smile:

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There’s a good quote from an Evarvest chat below, I don’t think you can compare against a business which has only ambitions yet.

FT mentioned they’ve paused adding stocks to focus on finishing off the new platform :+1:t3:


When i first read the title of this thread i thought it was about an actual competition. Thinking oohhh i might enter and win some free shares in a company then was disappointed it was about a different type of competition lol. Maybe Freetrade should launch a competition. Any voters agree!!!