Freetrade "Gift Vouchers"


I’m not sure if there’s something similar with other investing apps (I don’t personally know of anything).

Something like a Gift code that would credit the persons account with 10GBP 25GBP 50GBP 100GBP etc

Maybe a flashy debit card-esque design pack in the post with the code.

Not sure about the legal and other stuff behind this and if possible, just something I thought of.

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This is a great idea and would be the ‘gift that keeps on giving’, especially useful for those pesky friends and family that you struggle to buy for. My nephew who is 20 is interested in Freetrade and would like to invest but has no capital. I’d love to get him a £50 giftcard for Christmas. I’d give him £50 and tell him to invest but being an immature kid he’d probably just spend it on weed. This way I could give him the money and ensure he spent it on something that could actually make him more money. This is a fantastic way to introduce him to trading at literally no risk to himself while also teaching him about risk and reward.

Good idea.

It would be nice if the buy were to receive some benefit too, as a reward for introducing people to the app. Let’s say a small dividend or maybe limited per cent investment on every share bought with the gift-card. That way you encourage people to buy the gift-cards and freetrade make money too.
Might be a bit difficult to make money from, though, for Freetrade.

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I like this. With strings attached

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This will be cool as I am current trying to get my cousins (23 and 21) to start investing. Imagine sending them one of these knowing they would and cannot spend it at Nike for new sneakers.


image taken from here :

Something like this … but with a gift card code
Oh the irony :laughing:

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Perhaps less OTT. Got to think of the environment


Gift cards dont have to be physical. Everythings digital these days so no impact on the environment