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I am thinking that it would be a nice touch, for purposes of appreciation, if Freetrade @freetrade gave a merchandise pack based on portfolio size.

I appreciate that there are manay many serious investors but there are also some new starters. It would be good to see Freetrade send out aerchandise pack based on portfolio size.

I would suggest tiered amounts where the ‘pack’ has more value as the portfolios increase.

It may sound a little silly bit i am sure that the merchandise would be gladly received by all.

I would also suggest that the portfolio has to be held at a certain level for a period of time before sending out the packs. This should stop any ‘freebie’ searchers.

I am sure that some branded pens, notepads, hoodies etc would be not only beneficial but also serve a purpose of some passive advertising.


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Many people have been begging for them to open ANY kind of merch store selling Freetrade branded stuff that people could buy… with money…

It wouldn’t take very many work hours at all for them to throw together a Cafepress (or other print & post on demand service) and they’d never have to handle the stock at all.

Alas it’s never happened so I don’t think it’s high on the list!


Big shame really. As you said, the items can be pre-purchased in bulk and then sold mass market. I was more thinking along the line of merchandise bundles as rewards for longer term and bigger portfolios.

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I do see where you’re coming from but to be honest… the perk of having a big portfolio should be ‘having a big portfolio’. It’s a great position to be in.

Rather than giving out free stuff to the wealthiest customers, I’d prefer Freetrade to use the money for something else - putting it back into services or an annual bonus for the lowest paid staff etc etc.

But they should still open a paid merch store!

Disclosure: I do have all of the original Natwest Piggy Banks (including stoppers!) from when I was a child.


Well yes. Agreed again. For what it is the platform is OK. It does look a bit basic in comparison to others and the user interface is also a bit antiquated.

However, it does what it does well.

I agree, i’d be quite tempted in getting a few little ‘goodies’ from a store.

I also would like to see some more exploration on the shareholder perks that they offer. I think there are only 5 currently but i am sure thst they are big enough now to negotiate a few others.

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I would say a free pen, cup or something when you sign up or hit say £100 would be a really good promo for customer and subliminal messaging. :+1: So many people now work on zoom/Teams type systems or would use at work and would be a longer lasting advert than a free share.

You could actually give to every verified forum member as they are obviously pro-FT and more likely to talk about the product if they received something from FT to potential new customers.

Talking of verified accounts, there was an idea about that :rofl:
[Feature Request :wrench:] Verified User tag - Ideas :bulb: - Freetrade Community

A store is a simple thing to do and just get another company to run the admin side, for a %, and free publicity. Really good open goal there for FT to shoot at.

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I think that shows the power of merch being affective.

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Those are a prime example of a great investement. I would guess they are worth a small fortune nowadays.

Yes. That is a great example of effective marketing and merchandising.

Viktor and Adam bobbleheads for JISA holders!

I had no say in receiving the Natwest pigs, I was about 6 years old. I don’t think they’re worth that much to be honest - they’re more like nostalgic heirlooms.

Obviously I dumped Natwest like a sack of hot s**t after 2008 and I don’t have any dealings with the old school banks any more (Starling Bank rocks)


I’m happy to provide Freetrade merchandise….
Hoodies, tee’s, mugs, key rings ect….
Send me what you want!!!
If your an investor and love your investment that much would you want Freetrade to wasted money on gimmicks? Didn’t think so…
Proud of your investment then sent me your money and orders & I’ll happily create branded merchandise for you.

I`d like to order a Securities Lending freetrade Mug pls

Erm…well…I wasn’t intending this to be a marketplace but, whatever works I suppose!

@sampoullain @Viktor @Rajan07 Can we get a merch store ? More important than web app etc etc imo


Seriously? Rather then desperately needed updates and functionality to keep up with competitors let alone overtake them…you would prefer cheap pens & mugs?

Crazy priorities IMO


:rofl::rofl::rofl: :rofl:

Edit: no not seriously

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I fell for that hook, line & sinker didn’t I!