Crowdfunding Rewards - Missing SWAG?

First, the good news: we have tons of SWAG. Literally boxes of the stuff packed in a store room.

The bad news is it seems quite a few shareholders didn’t receive their SWAG. Our largest crowdfunding shareholder mentioned to me recently that even he didn’t get his hoodie from the last round!

Please email me at if you are a shareholder and did not receive your SWAG.

We’ll also be contacting any eligible shareholder via the email we have on record to confirm they got their FT stuff. :freetrade:



I’m a shareholder but I don’t think I’m eligible for swag… but if you have lots of swag laying around… can I email and have some anyway? :grin:

If I don’t ask I don’t get :sweat_smile:

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Community meet ups are always an opportunity. Lucky attendees at the last London meet up got their hands on t shirts,.hoodies and caps

Hi, just received the swag t shirt, presumaby delayed delivery from round 8 (also invested in the current round 9 but doubt the swag rewards have been processed).

In short, totally poor design and quality.
I’d rather you guys retain the cost of producing these and reinvest in the company. Can’t imagine these shirts would be spotted out in the wild. Previous hoodie swag was top notch. Signs of cutting corners and lack of attention of details…?


Received a nice little parcel this morning with Swag from most recent round. Looking foward to using my new Freetrade luggage tag when I go abroad, wearing my new Freetrade t-shirt while keeping notes in my Freetrade notebook :+1:


Yes, currently lounging on the sofa in my Freetrade bathrobe. The Freetrade fluffy slippers are comfy too.