Crowdcube rewards

Hey everyone,

If you invested in our latest round, you will have seen some pretty swanky rewards and you’re quite rightly eager to get them. Here’s our plan for implementation.

To recap, the rewards for Round 3 were:

£10: investor badge/flair in forum and app
£100: invite to launch party
£300: free month of Freetrade Alpha
£500: queue jump
£1000: swag pack of Freetrade awesomeness
£5000: Alpha for life + founding member badge
£10,000: dinner with the team :wine_glass:

(Remember rewards stack so you get everything below your investment level too)

There were also rewards for investors in Rounds 1+2. We’ve completed some of them already, but the ones linked to the app launch still need to be implemented. We’ll be completing these soon too.

Round 1

  • £150+ - Get priority access to our app when we launch the public beta.
  • £1,000+ Be recognised with Cofounding Member status. Get access to our limited private beta launch and always get our paid premium services, like tax-wrapped accounts, for free (free Freetrade Alpha)

Round 2

  • £10+ Party Member. Invite to our public launch party!
  • £100+ Freetrade Member. Get guaranteed access to our beta before we release to the general public. (first app access)
  • £500+ Freetrade Stuff. Get your choice of Freetrade branded goods - hoodie, anyone? (already completed)
  • £1,000+ Founding Member. Be recognised as a founding member of Freetrade. Also, you’ll enjoy premium trades for free.
  • £10,000+ Dinner on us. Enjoy a meal with the Freetrade cofounders, at a restaurant of your choosing in London. (already completed)

Here’s the plan for implementation

First we need to receive investor details from Crowdcube.

In process now

Round 3 swag packs

  • Plan and design more awesome Freetrade merchandise (we’ll go beyond t-shirts and hoodies)
  • Send form to relevant investors to gather address details and sizes
  • Order stock for swag
  • Distribute!

Round 3 dinners

  • Invite relevant investors for dinner
  • Eat dinner

Before and after app launch

Launch party

  • Initial plan for huge party with estimated potential
  • Set date
  • Get RSVPs
  • Hone party plan with numbers defined
  • Party!

As we enable customer trading/public app launch

Queue jumps

  • Match up email details from Crowdcube to emails in Freetrade queue
  • Give our R1 and R2 investors access first
  • Big queue jump for our R3 investors


  • Implement all relevant badges (e.g. founding member badges)

As we launch Freetrade Alpha

Free Alpha for 1 month or life

  • Match up email details from Crowdcube to emails in Freetrade app
  • Enable free month of Alpha for relevant investors
  • Enable free Alpha for life for relevant investors

Ask any more questions here!

PS we’ll start a specific Launch Party thread too - get your suggestions in


@Freetrade_Team - Do the £5000+ers get the swag pack too? :sunglasses:

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You get the reward of your milestone sum (Alpha for life and Founding Member badge) and of the awards below. Every single one.

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Yep all the rewards stack (except where they overlap i.e. Free Alpha for a month vs for life)

Would not taking an investor reward mean you’d have a few extra quid to put to work more usefully elsewhere in the business? Or is the swag etc already a sunk cost?

When is the swag getting sent out for crowdcube investors of £1k?

I did 2x£500 so I hope that still counts? :grinning:

Hey @asacarter that definitely counts.

We’re planning our swag packs now to include some new goodies. But soon, my friend!



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I wonder how much a Freetrade lunch will be in a decade if this is anything to go by :chart_with_upwards_trend::


Nice dip in 2012, probably I could have afforded a quick pack of crisps outside Walmart with him :joy:

What a thoughtful question. Often the marginal cost is negligible (obviously in the case of flairs, and even for certain swag items), but even when not, they are manageable costs and saving a bit of it is not going to change the game.

Another aspect is, the rewards have benefits beyond their monetary value. Having a great chat at the party, or our investors telling others about Freetrade because they enjoy and are proud of their lifelong free Alpha are valuable ‘things’, and make us as a community stronger!

In case you don’t love any of the rewards or have some individual circumstances, do DM us here or on the live chat. We’d be happy to adjust your rewards in a way that they fit you!


There’s also another benefit of swag, in that it helps get the name out, in some ways it can be a conversation starter. So what’s Freetrade etc, obviously depends on how it’s done. For example I remember this ( not sure why this company out of all the others )

was printed on t-shirts by the company and it’s bold enough that everyone in the shared office ( lots of companies ) and at events seemed to know who they were. Then when you add that to it being worn at tech events etc it just added to awareness. Not sure what became of the company though or whether it helped but what I’m saying is when done right it’s a cost effective way of getting your brand out there provided people wear it and are social.

Finally just a observation, with the last round hoodie, people didn’t really get what it was. They associated it as more political or social. Think Freetrade agreements, Fairtrade etc. Look forward to what this rounds one is. You could probably have a gym t-shirt and play on gains… :crazy_face:



That’s super good feedback, and we’ll definitely discuss it! :+1:


Haha I love this


Maybe freetrade needs a good caption to go with a # tag.


Someone will have far better ones than me :sunglasses:

PS I’m not a huge fan of hashtags…


I like this direction, especially #investforfree.

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The strap line is “own it” so #ownit would follow.

It’s explained in the rebranding blog post…


Great hashtags are hard to do because they have to be unique but not super unique that’s it a bard code. Just wondering if it says enough? And it’s unique enough?

I agree with saf when I thought about “own it”. #investforfree has been used a few times looking at twitter so it would need to be unique so easily identifiable both as an explanation of what freetrade is (noting earlier posts) and that we as a community can make sure freetrade are recognise leading if anyone uses the hashtag :smiley: