Investor Rewards R6

Hi Freetraders :wave:

As you may or may not know, our latest round of crowdfunding is now closed. Thanks to everyone that took part - it’s really an amazing vindication of everything we’re trying to do and will help us immensely as we try to bring you all the products/services that you’re after.

If you did invest then you are likely eligible for some cool rewards. What you receive depends on how much you invested. The different tiers are as follows:

£10 - Investor badge

An Investor R6 badge on your Freetrade profile screen and the community forum, and the chance to take part in early testing such as infinite free share links.

£100 - Investor app icons

A selection of unique investor app icons for the Freetrade iOS & Android apps, and everything from the previous tier.

£500 - Community insider

Exclusive Zoom community events’ invites such as new features’ presentations, and everything from the previous tier.

£1,000 - Freetrade swag

High-quality, exclusive swag pack normally reserved for team members: choice of Freetrade socks, tote bag, airpods case, hoodie or bomber jacket - and everything from the previous tier.

£5,000 - Founding Member

Founding Member badge in the app and the forum, early access to Freetrade Plus, and everything from the previous tier.

£25,000 - Founding Member Plus

Founding Member badge in the app and the forum, dinner with the founding team - and everything from the previous tier.

If you’ve got any questions then feel free to leave them in the comments below :point_down:


I thought socks were always going to be provided :wink: no brainer for me. Bomber jacket or a pair of socks? :thinking::rofl:

It’s a swag pack, so more like:

  • Bomber jacket + pair of socks
  • Hoodie + pair of socks

So, a big item and a small item.


Any pics? Like the idea of a bomber jacket :boom:


If only I knew about the freetrade swag I would have stuck another£500.00 in


It was in the Crowdcube campaign page

Oh, I must have missed it.


I’m not sure how the process works so apologies if it’s already written somewhere… I made my first (of hopefully many) investments in R6. How will you identify my investment in crowdcube with my account on the forum? Also, do we still have the ability to change the app icon on our phones? Again, how will you identify the person?

I ask because all 3 accounts - app, forum and crowdcube - do not share the same log-in or screen names etc.


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I wonder if the Bomber Jacket is totally hot pink all over?

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The wife will have 2 to wear. :wink:

I believe that if you watch the Freetrade pitch video, the grey jacket that @Viktor was wearing was the bomber jacket.


If there is enough demand for hot pink perhaps they will do a special run…also to modelled by Viktor :grinning::+1:

Never got mine from R5 :frowning:

What are the other “small items” that Viktor mentioned, outside of the socks?

I guess:

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Freetrade socks all the way

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Socks only cost £500 last round, £1000 this round…inflation is a bitch, gutted I couldn’t afford to step up to that tier to splurge on a pack of socks :smiley: :smiley:

Enjoy your swag those that could :slight_smile:


It’s not just socks, it’s also a jacket or hoodie.
Last time was socks + a water bottle, that was not that good.

That’s correct.

Around 0:19:

For the record, I’d wear a Freetrade pink one as well.